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iPad Enterprise Application Development BluePrints

Steven F. Daniel

Design and build your own enterprise applications for the iPad with this book and ebook.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849682947
Paperback430 pages

About This Book

  • Learn how to go about developing some simple, yet powerful applications with ease.
  • Each chapter explains about the technology in-depth, whilst providing you with enough information and examples to help grasp the technology.
  • Get to grips with integrating Facebook, iCloud, Twitter and Airplay into your applications.
  • Lots of step-by-step examples with images and diagrams to get you up to speed in no time, with helpful hints along the way.

Who This Book Is For

If you are an iPad application developer looking forward to building enterprise applications that interact with Facebook, iCloud, Core Location and the Core Image frameworks into your applications, then this book is for you. You should have a good knowledge of and programming experience with Objective-C and have used Xcode 4.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting and Installing the iOS SDK
Getting and installing the iOS SDK
The iOS Simulator
Building the HelloWorld application
Chapter 2: Task Priorities – Building a TaskPriorities iOS App
Building the TaskPriorities app
Chapter 3: VoiceRecorder App – Audio Recording and Playback
Overview of the technologies
Finishing up
Chapter 4: Enhanced AddressBook App – Core Data
Overview of the Core Data technologies
Building the AddressBook application
Transferring contact details using Bluetooth
Finishing up
Chapter 5: BatteryMonitor Application
Overview of the technologies
Finishing up
Chapter 6: RouteTracker Application
Overview of the technologies
Finishing up
Chapter 7: VeterinaryClinic Application
Overview of the technologies
Building the VeterinaryClinic application
Finishing up
Chapter 8: Social Networking Application
Overview of the technologies
Downloading the Facebook iOS SDK
Building the Social Networking application
Finishing up
Chapter 9: External Displays using Airplay and Core Image
Overview of the technologies
Building the ExternalDisplays application
Finishing up
Chapter 10: Storing Documents within the Cloud
Overview of the technologies
Building the ScratchPad application
Finishing up
Requesting entitlements for iCloud storage

What You Will Learn

  • Download and install the Xcode 4 iOS 5 Development Tools.
  • Learn to build a Task Priorities application.
  • Learn to build a Voice Recording application.
  • Master the use of Core Location and MapKit frameworks to build a Route Tracking application.
  • Get to grips with building a Veterinary Clinic application using Core Data and Core Image as well as setting the different keyboard styles.
  • Integrate Facebook and OpenGraph APIs into your applications.
  • Direct your content to an external monitor as well as learning how to use Airplay to output content to an Apple TV device.
  • Learn about Core Image and the various built-in Core Image filters.
  • Understand the use of iCloud Storage APIs to upload and download content.

In Detail

With the release of the iPad and the iOS 5, this latest release comes packed with some great new features and improvements to the various frameworks and contains over 1,500 new APIs. You will learn how to integrate iCloud storage and how to go about using the Facebook and the OpenGraph APIs, as well as applying the various image and transition effects using Core Image into your own applications. Using the book’s step-by-step approach, you will soon master the technology and the skills needed to create some amazing applications.

"iPad Enterprise Application Development BluePrints" will help you learn how to build some powerful applications using iOS 5 and the various frameworks. You will soon master how to incorporate iCloud, Facebook and the OpenGraph APIs and apply various image filters and transitions using Core Image integration within your applications by using the book’s step-by-step approach, and you will soon master the technology and the skills needed to create some amazing applications.

You will start by learning how to go about downloading and installing the Xcode development tools onto your computer, Task Priorities App, Audio Recording and Playback, Using Core Data, Monitoring the iOS battery, implementing Route tracking, Facebook APIs, iCloud Storage and External displays. After which, we jump straight in and develop an application using Storyboarding and Interface Builder. We then finish up by learning how to test your application using the Xcode instruments and how to distribute your application to the AppStore.

This book will teach you how you can use the new features of iOS 5 to build simple, yet powerful applications for the iPad from scratch using these technology features. You will learn how to download the Xcode 4 iOS 5 Development tools, and how to build great user interfaces using the storyboarding feature of Interface Builder. We will learn how to create a database that integrates into our application using Core Data. We will also learn how to integrate and use the Facebook and OpenGraph APIs to post messages and send notifications, as well as interacting with the iOS devices battery to determine the current state and battery level.

After reading "iPad Enterprise Application Development BluePrints", you will be able to write applications that have the ability to store user documents wirelessly and push any changes made on one device to all other devices and computers at the same time using the iCloud Storage APIs. You will also learn how to integrate the Facebook APIs and post messages directly to your Facebook wall as well as sending notification messages to all your friends on Facebook directly from your applications as well as mapping out the route taken using the GPS feature of your iOS device using the MapKit framework. Finally, you will learn how to stream photos to a monitor using the VGA port of the iOS device and learn how to use the AirPlay feature to wirelessly stream Videos to Apple TV using the AV Foundation framework, as well as learning how to use the Core Image framework to create some amazing image effects and transitions to enhance photos using the several built-in filters. This book contains loads of examples and images provided to get you up to speed in no time.


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