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iOS Development with Xamarin Cookbook

Dimitris Tavlikos

Over 100 exciting recipes to help you develop iOS applications with Xamarin
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849698924
Paperback386 pages

About This Book

  • Explore the new features of Xamarin and learn how to use them
  • Step-by-step recipes give you everything you need to get developing with Xamarin
  • Full of useful tips and best practices on creating iOS applications

Who This Book Is For

If you are a C#/.NET developer with no previous experience in iOS development or an Objective-C developer who wants to create complete iOS applications and deploy them to the App Store, then this book is ideal for you. No experience with Xamarin is needed.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Development Tools
Installing prerequisites
Creating an iOS project with Xamarin Studio
Interface Builder
Creating the UI
Accessing the UI with Outlets
Adding Actions to controls
Compiling an iOS project
Debugging our application
Chapter 2: User Interface – Views
Adding and customizing views
Receiving user input with buttons
Displaying images
Displaying and editing text
Using the keyboard
Displaying progress
Displaying content larger than the screen
Navigating through the content divided into pages
Displaying alerts
Creating a custom view
Styling views
Chapter 3: User Interface – View Controllers
Loading a view with a view controller
Navigating through different view controllers
Providing controllers in tabs
Modal view controllers
Creating a custom view controller
Using view controllers efficiently
iPad view controllers
UI flow design with storyboards
Unwinding in storyboards
Chapter 4: Data Management
Creating files
Using a SQLite database
Preparing for iCloud support
iCloud key/value storage
Chapter 5: Displaying Data
Providing lists
Displaying data in a table
Customizing rows
Editing a table
Table indexing
Searching through the data
Creating a simple web browser
Displaying data in a grid
Customizing the grid
Chapter 6: Web Services
Consuming web services
Consuming REST services
Communicating with native APIs
Using WCF services
Chapter 7: Multimedia Resources
Selecting images and videos
Capturing media with the camera
Playing videos
Playing music and sounds
Recording with the microphone
Managing album items directly
Chapter 8: Integrating iOS Features
Starting phone calls
Sending text messages and e-mails
Using text messaging in our application
Using e-mail messaging in our application
Managing the address book
Displaying contacts
Managing the calendar
Chapter 9: Interacting with Device Hardware
Detecting the device orientation
Adjusting the UI orientation
Proximity sensor
Retrieving the battery information
Handling motion events
Handling touch events
Recognizing gestures
Custom gestures
Using the accelerometer
Using the gyroscope
Chapter 10: Location Services and Maps
Determining location
Determining heading
Using region monitoring
Using a significant-change location service
Location services in the background
Displaying maps
Adding map annotations
Adding map overlays
Chapter 11: Graphics and Animation
Animating views
Transforming views
Animating images
Animating layers
Drawing lines and curves
Drawing shapes
Drawing text
A simple drawing app
Creating an image context
Chapter 12: Multitasking
Detecting application states
Receiving notifications for app states
Running code in the background
Playing audio in the background
Updating data in the background
Chapter 13: Localization
Creating an app for different languages
Localizable resources
Regional formatting
Chapter 14: Deploying
Creating profiles
Creating an ad hoc distribution bundle
Preparing an app for the App Store
Submitting an app to the App Store
Chapter 15: Advanced Features
Reproducing the page curl effect
Integrating content sharing
Implementing custom transitions
Using physics in UI elements
Implementing the text-to-speech feature

What You Will Learn

  • Install and use Xamarin.iOS with Xamarin Studio
  • Design an application's User Interface with Xcode
  • Explore the key concepts and effective usage instructions of iOS UI elements
  • Capture and manage multimedia resources using the device's camera and microphone
  • Use the accelerometer to capture and respond to device motion
  • Create location-aware applications using the built-in GPS, compass, and mapping features
  • Effectively use multitasking features to provide a user-friendly experience
  • Discover and explore new iOS 7 features

In Detail

This book will provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to be part of the mobile development era, using C#. Covering a wide range of recipes such as creating a simple application and using device features effectively, it will be your companion to the complete application development cycle.

Starting from installing the necessary tools, you will be guided step-by-step on everything you need to develop an application ready to be deployed. You will learn the best practices for interacting with the device hardware, such as the GPS, compass, and the accelerometer. Furthermore, you will be able to manage multimedia resources such as photos and videos captured with the device camera, and much more!


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