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iOS Developer Essentials - TableViews [Video]

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  • Know how to start a TableViews and control the way that a TableViewDataSource operates
  • Provide proper data to a TableViewDelegate
  • List information with Arrays
  • Move from one screen to another with Segues and see how to pass data from one view controller to another
  • Enhance UI development for the end user by using a UINavigationController

One of the pillars of iOS development is learning to work with a TableView. TableViews allow us to show a list of items to the user. We can see this in the Music app, the Settings app, Twitter, Facebook, and almost every app on our phones. This course will teach you the basics of TableViews, which are essential to making iOS apps in a fun-filled and engaging way.

We’ll also help you to strengthen your Swift skills along the way.

We’ll dive into the topics of arrays, loops, and functions. We’ll show how arrays are immensely helpful when working with TableViews and are the backbone for displaying data. We’ll also learn how loops help us harness Swift to do an insane amount of processing that we as humans could never do. We’ll also cover functions which allow us to organize our code and make it more efficient.

Then we bring it all together in an Emoji Dictionary app. This app lists a bunch of emojis that we find interesting.

When a user taps on an emoji, we’ll then show the emoji magnified to see all details. We’ll also provide a definition of the emoji to the user. This course will help you learn some awesome iOS techniques.

By the end of the video course, you’ll know how to build simple iOS apps using the TableView structure and also know the intermediate swift programming language.

Style and Approach

This video is a step-by-step guide to help you get started with iOS application development by providing solid a foundation on the core iOS concepts, techniques, and swift programming language. With every part of the course containing practical examples, you will understand how iOS development works, the latest features of iOS 11, and when and where to apply the core iOS techniques.

  • Create a fully functional TableViews from scratch while exploring all of its features and functions
  • Take another step toward Swift mastery by learning about Arrays, Loops, and Functions
  • Create an Emoji Dictionary App that will help you learn about emojis in detail
Course Length 1 hour 59 minutes
Date Of Publication 26 Dec 2017


Nick Walter

Nick Walter is an iOS developer who has been focused on mobile app design and creation for over ive5 years. His involvement in the iOS community started off with a bang, and in 2013 he was one of the 25 students worldwide to be invited to Apple's Cocoa Camp. Within the community, he is also co-president of an Apple developer group called Cocoa Heads.

He always wanted to transform brand-new ideas into reality, but growing up in a small town he had limited access to the required programming resources. This led to his early interest in online education. After experimenting with various companies, learning styles, and teaching processes, he adopted the best strategies and applied them while creating his courses.

Since the announcement of the new Swift programming language by Apple, he has devoted himself to Apple's documentation and any online resource that was available. Prior to teaching the internet's first course on Swift, he created five iOS apps from scratch that are currently live in the App Store and are being used by thousands of users worldwide