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  • RSpec fundamentals
  • How to use RSpec and Rails together
  • Modify your behavior to create tests first and run your specs with every code change
  • How to work with the rspec command line tool
  • Using mocks and stubs to decouple tests from the database
  • How to refactor code to improve readability

RSpec is a behaviour driven development framework for Ruby programmers. It comes integrated with its own mocking framework based on Jmock. This book introduces you to RSpec helping you to write idiomatic specifications for Ruby code in a test first approach.

Instant RSpec Test-Driven Development How-to is filled with examples of actual code accompanied by explanations and covers general Ruby, Rails, and RSpec use cases plus a few of the more advanced topics. RSpec Test Driven Development is written on the premise that you will need no experience with RSpec and limited experience with Ruby, Rails, and TDD fundamentals. You’ll begin by writing a very simple Ruby library in true TDD fashion and and use the red, green, refactor tools to migrate this library into a Rails application.

Instant RSpec Test-Driven Development How-to will teach you the actual steps performed in writing an idiomatic specification. You will be able to write a test for the code you wish you had, and learn to write only the minimum code necessary to pass a test, and write more specifications to drive out the production functionality your application will need. Through the course of the book, you will convert a Ruby program into a new Rails application, test Rails specifics such as file uploads, cookies, and model validation and even learn how to use Capybara. RSpec Test Driven Development will help you build confidence in the code they you write and spend less time dealing with bugs and maintenance headaches.

  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results
  • Learn how to use RSpec with Rails
  • Easy to read and grok examples
  • Write idiomatic specifications
Page Count 68
Course Length 2 hours 2 minutes
ISBN 9781782165231
Date Of Publication 24 Jun 2013


Charles Feduke

Charles Feduke began developing software in Perl nearly 2 decades ago. He was trapped in the Microsoft platform for far too long and spends his free time these days writing Ruby, learning Scala, and wishing he was really serious about writing C during the 90s.