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  • Create the signing certificates needed to digitally sign a pass
  • Develop and customize a pass using Apple’s JSON format
  • Digitally sign a pass to prevent modification during delivery
  • Setting the MIME type to deliver a pass as an email attachment and via web
  • Send the pass through a companion app, using Apple’s PassKit framework
  • Update a pass using push notifications and a web server implementing Apple’s REST API

With iOS 6, Apple introduced the Passbook app as a central digital wallet for all the store cards, coupons, boarding passes, and event tickets that have become a popular feature of apps. The passes in Passbook can be tied to relevant locations and times, providing additional visibility for your brand or service.

Instant Passbook App Development for iOS How-to is a step-by-step walkthrough of how to create, customize, deliver, and update a pass for Passbook, the newest and most exciting iOS 6 feature. With sample code and clear instructions you will be guided through the process and helped to avoid the pitfalls.

Instant Passbook App Development for iOS How-to helps you understand Apple’s Passbook feature, leading you through creating and distributing your first pass. Clear step-by-step instructions, along with sample code and resources, will get you up and running so you can integrate Passbook into your app or service. With this book you will learn how to create, customize, sign, deliver, and update your Passbook pass, with the help of sample code and clear instructions.

  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results
  • Learn to create and customize a Passbook pass
  • Sign a pass digitally to ensure safe delivery
  • Understand how to update a pass using push notifications and a REST API endpoint
Page Count 56
Course Length 1 hours 40 minutes
ISBN 9781849697071
Date Of Publication 20 Jun 2013


Keith D. Moon

Keith D. Moon is an award-winning mobile application developer who has worked with some of the largest music artists and brands to create engaging and personal mobile experiences. Keith has worked with international brands, including the BBC, Expedia, O2, and Sony Music, using the latest technologies and development practices to create mobile apps that provide value for both the user and brand.