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Instant Ext.NET Application Development

Kevin Sullivan

Explore the power of Ext.NET for developing applications with practical recipes
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Book Details

ISBN 139781782164746
Paperback40 pages

About This Book

  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results
  • Hook up client-side controls events to server-side methods
  • Understand the core features of Ext.NET such as Masks and Confirmations and Editor panels, as well as Listeners, DirectEvents, and Stores
  • Practical examples with common controls such as forms, windows, and grids
  • Learn lots of hints, tips, and tricks to make life easier with Ext.NET

Who This Book Is For

This book is for anyone that wants to get started with Ext.NET. These simple, quick, and practical recipes will help you, as a developer, developer get a good grounding of client-side and server-side programming. It is assumed you have some experience of JavaScript and ASP.NET, as well as an understanding of object-orientated programming. Readers are also expected to be familiar with Visual Studio 2010, on which the examples are built.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Instant Ext.NET Application Development
Understanding Direct Methods and Direct Events (Intermediate)
Dealing with Listeners (Intermediate)
Working with data and custom objects (Intermediate)
Using TabPanels to separate functionality (Simple)
Understanding window controls (Simple)
Using Ext.NET form controls and panels (Simple)
Working with grid panels, stores, and paging (Intermediate)
Editing grid panel rows (Intermediate)
Showing masks and confirmations (Simple)
Knowing about the editor panel (Simple)
Creating toolbars in Ext.NET (Simple)
Using tool tips (Simple)
Programming fundamentals in JavaScript and Ext.NET (Advanced)

What You Will Learn

  • Build the common features that are within most web applications using Ext. NET’s rich UI controls
  • Discover practical tips on writing clean and simple JavaScript
  • Use your custom objects within example code
  • Extend an Ext.NET control using JavaScript
  • Improve your knowledge of JavaScript as a server-side programmer

In Detail

The role of the web application developer has changed over time, making it more important now to have more than just one set of programming skills. Understanding Ext.NET will mean the difference between building a regular web application and building a quick, professional, and modern web application. Go from the client side to the server side in a few lines of code and back again. All you have to concentrate on is the building blocks of your application, without the need for any creative flair.

Instant Ext.NET Application Development How-to is a practical, hands-on guide that provides you with a number of clear, step-by-step exercises, which will help you take advantage of the real power that is behind Ext.NET, and give you a good grounding in using it in your web applications. This book takes you from the initial steps of how to declare controls, interact with them on the client side or the server side, through to real-world examples, with questions and answers on the most commonly-used controls.

You will also learn how to use the multitude of controls and minimize design effort when it comes to building a rich web application. Find out how effortless it is to mask a web page when an AJAX request is fired and when a response is received, and how easy it is to edit and submit grid values and rows back to the server, as well as how easy Ext.NET makes it to interact with your custom objects in JavaScript.

Ext.NET Application Development How-to will teach you everything you need to get you started programming web applications using the Ext.NET framework.


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