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  • Add custom menus, toolbar items, and keyboard shortcuts using an application model
  • Create static and dynamic views
  • Generate a dynamic pop-up menu
  • Use core expressions to show/hide menu items
  • Use Dependency Injection and annotations to access Eclipse 4 framework objects and services
  • Create custom events and handlers for notifications and to share data in the application
  • Style applications using CSS
  • Customize and export the application to different target platforms

Standalone desktop applications are important in this era of web and mobile applications. Eclipse provides a rich set of APIs and tools, not just to create IDEs but also to create cross-platform standalone applications. Eclipse 4 has introduced many new concepts and APIs that make creating rich client application a lot easier.

Instant Eclipse 4 RCP Development How-to is a practical and hands-on guide to developing standalone applications. It also describes concepts and APIs used to perform specific tasks. The tasks identified in this book are most commonly performed in developing standalone applications of various levels of complexity.

Instant Eclipse 4 RCP Development How-to takes the approach of learning new features of Eclipse 4 by breaking them into specific tasks and progressively building a sample application using new features.

The book covers end-to-end workflow from setting up the development environment, creating the user interface, event handling, and displaying and saving data, to customizing and packaging the application. It provides code snippets for each task and explains the Eclipse 4 APIs and concepts used in them.The code will be easy to follow, making up part of the process of creating the entire sample application.

  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results
  • Produce rich client standalone applications using Eclipse 4
  • Create an application user interface using an application model
  • Customize and package your applications for multiple target platforms
Page Count 68
Course Length 2 hours 2 minutes
ISBN 9781782169536
Date Of Publication 21 May 2013


Ram Kulkarni

Ram Kulkarni has more than two decades of experience in developing software. He has architected and developed many enterprise web applications, client-server and desktop applications, application servers, and IDE and mobile applications. He is also the author of Eclipse 4 RCP Development How-To, published by Packt Publishing.