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  • Evaluate rules engines and how they fit your needs
  • Install Drools and enhanced development tools
  • Feed information to your rules engine and evaluate rules
  • Explore DRL syntax, operators, and their functionalities
  • Test rules as a whole, individually, and for stability
  • Debug the rule evaluation process visually and via logging
  • Learn which modules make up the Drools system and its capabilities

Drools is a popular business rule management system. The book introduces the concept of rules separation, from what to do to how to do it. This Starter guide supports your development to keep pace with your system’s ever-changing needs, making things simple and easy by taking the rigidity out of complex codes.

"Instant Drools Starter" is a practical, hand-on guide that provides you with a number of clear and concise explanations with relatable examples. This book offers step-by-step exercises to help you understand business rule management systems. Learn how they work, how they're best used, and how to perform frequently used tasks and techniques.

This Starter guide helps you get familiar with the Drools concept. You will learn to evaluate rules engines and cover all the basics, from rules authoring to troubleshooting. This book highlights the capabilities of the Drools modules.

After discovering exactly what rules are and what a rule engine brings to the table, we will quickly learn how to install Drools. The guide then explores different tools of the trade and gets you writing your first set of rules instantly. We'll then take those rules, write vital codes piece by piece, and put them into action. In addition, with this guide, learn how to document and troubleshoot everything behind the scenes, as well as developing your rules to the next level. "Instant Drools Starter" will cover everything you need to know to get started, so if you are looking for a complete guide that provides simple solutions to complex problems, look no further.

  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results.
  • Discover Drools and learn to harvest the power of rules
  • Write a rules engine and put it into practice
  • Explore key features from brass tacks syntax to testing and troubleshooting



Page Count 52
Course Length 1 hours 33 minutes
ISBN 9781782165552
Date Of Publication 26 Mar 2013


Jeremy Ary

Jeremy Ary is a Senior Software Developer, born and raised in Tennessee, US. He began working with Drools systems over five years ago, and became active in the community and conferences, furthering his curiosity and desire to work with rules engines. He has spent his time in the field improving various rule-based legacy systems in the financial field and creating others from scratch that automated company workflow processes. He's also authored highly-scalable rule-based emergency response and notification systems for both domestic and international customers.

When not in code monkey mode, Jeremy can be found in his shop doing woodworking, out on the waters fishing, or at home spending time with his two dachshunds, his loving wife Becca, and his newborn son Everett.

You can keep up with Jeremy's latest works at his Github account,, or you can reach out to him via LinkedIn at or e-mail him at