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  • Learn to use Automapper with practical examples
  • Find out why Automapper is so useful when building applications
  • Discover how to leverage Automapper to solve most of your common object-to-object mapping needs
  • Create your own Custom Resolvers for mapping
  • Configure and test the mapping

Automapper is a simple library that will help eliminate complex code for mapping objects from one to another. It solves the deceptively complex problem of mapping objects and leaves you with clean and maintainable code.

Instant Automapper is a practical guide that provides numerous step-by-step instructions detailing some of the many features Automapper provides to streamline your object-to-object mapping. Importantly it helps in eliminating complex code.

Instant Automapper sets off by working through a sample transit application, and then breaks down the different types of Automapper patterns/usage for the reader to easily understand and refer to.

The book covers all aspects of Automapper from installing it into a project, using it with all its mapping capabilities, and extending Automapper with custom resolvers, as well as unit testing the mapping. You will see strategies for an easy-to-maintain object mapping structure and grasp the best practices for using Automapper between Domain and Presentation Objects.

The book will serve as a reference for your future .NET application development that has domain layers.

  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results
  • Great examples with illustrations on how and where to use Automapper
  • Create your own custom resolvers for Automapper
  • Tips and tricks for problem solving and eliminating huge code
Page Count 46
Course Length 1 hours 22 minutes
ISBN 9781783282067
Date Of Publication 25 Jul 2013


Taswar Bhatti

Taswar Bhatti was born and raised in Hong Kong. He is a web architect, team leader, and also a computer geek, with a degree in Mathematics and Computing Science from the University of Alberta. He has worked in a wide range of technologies from Unix/Linux to Microsoft stack. He is well versed in developing scalable Internet web architecture from design, implementation, measuring, tuning to fix performance-related issues in front- to back-end systems, and so on. His career includes working in academia, social media, and language translation companies. Although he enjoys many computer languages from statically to dynamically typed, he also enjoys functional languages such as, Scala, Java, C#, Ruby, F#, and JavaScript. He is also fluent in many spoken languages: Cantonese, English, Turkish, Urdu, and Hindi. In his spare time, he speaks in developer groups, code camps, tinkers around with new and shiny frameworks, and blogs. He currently resides in Ottawa, Canada, with his lovely wife and two children.