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Instant Apache Stanbol

Reto Bachmann-Gmür

Learn how to deploy Stanbol to extend content management with semantic services
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Book Details

ISBN 139781783281237
Paperback66 pages

About This Book

  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results
  • Learn about underlying technologies like OSGi, JAX-RS and Apache Clerezza
  • Develop new components for Stanbol and create your own improved distribution
  • Extend traditional content management systems with semantic services

Who This Book Is For

Instant Apache Stanbol How-to is for developers who would like to extend Stanbol or would just like to use Stanbol without caring about its internals.Most recipes use Javascript but any programming language can be used. A few recipes that show how to extend Stanbol require some familiarity with Java.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Instant Apache Stanbol
Compiling and running Stanbol (Simple)
Enhancing your content (Simple)
Accessing and using the RDF data (Intermediate)
Having Stanbol recognize our entities (Intermediate)
Enabling faceted browsing of our content (Simple)
Reasoning with ontologies (Intermediate)
Interacting with the OSGi environment (Simple)
Creating our own Stanbol component (Advanced)
Creating our own Stanbol enhancement engine (Advanced)
Creating a launcher (Intermediate)

What You Will Learn

  • Annotate your content automatically using Stanbol Enhancer
  • Enable faceted browsing on your data to make it easier to find the right information
  • Access and merge RDF data returned by Stanbol
  • Perform automated reasoning using ontologies
  • Build OSGi applications using Apache Maven
  • Create new components for Stanbol that use content negotiation to be accessible both by humans and machines
  • Implement Stanbol services within OSGi so that your component leverages exiting functionality
  • Add and get data from persistent RDF graphs using Apache Clerezza
  • Develop your own custom launcher so you can easily distribute your Stanbol based application

In Detail

Stanbol is a software application which helps traditional content management systems to get ready for the emerging linked data web. It also provides a flexible framework for building modularized RESTful applications and includes Apache Clerezza for processing RDF data. Its goal is to provide Web and CMS developers with a set of HTTP/RESTful services to help them integrate semantic technologies into their products and web sites.

Instant Apache Stanbol How-to gives you detailed recipes on how to get the power of Stanbol to your application. It will give you precise instruction on how to get more out of your data and show you the power of semantic data, thereby helping you to make your information richer and easier to find.

Instant Apache Stanbol How-to gives an introduction to the various aspects of Stanbol. Clear and practical recipes will help you start taking advantage of Stanbol in your applications. It gets you started into semantic technologies quickly and painlessly.

You will learn how metadata can facilitated by finding the relevant information. Also you will learn about the Stanbol architecture and how to extend Stanbol and make it even more powerful to suit your needs. The recipe will guide you through accessing Stanbol, building your own Semantic RESTful API by using JAX-RS, OSGi services, and the Apache Clerezza RDF facilities.


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