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Implementing SugarCRM 5.x

Angel Magaña, Michael Whitehead

Install, configure, and administer a robust Customer Relationship Management system using SugarCRM
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Book Details

ISBN 139781847198662
Paperback352 pages

About This Book

  • Analyze and weigh deployment options based on your needs and resources
  • A brief overview of the benefits of SugarCRM 6.0
  • Review powerful built-in customization tools and popular third-party enhancements for your SugarCRM system
  • Learn about on-going maintenance needs such as backups and user management


Who This Book Is For

If you are a small-medium business owner/manager with reasonable IT skills, a system implementer, or a system administrator who wants to implement SugarCRM for yourself either as a first CRM or as a replacement for existing solutions, this book is for you.

Existing SugarCRM users who want to broaden their understanding of the topic will find this book valuable too. No programming knowledge is required to use this book to implement, customize, and use SugarCRM.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Doing Business—Better
Small and medium-size businesses: The good, the bad, and the ugly
What is Customer Relationship Management?
What are my CRM options?
What is SugarCRM?
How will this book help me tailor SugarCRM to my business?
Our case study: RayDoc Carpets, Doors, and Windows
Chapter 2: One Size Does Not Fit All—CRM Your Way
Identifying the CRM needs of your business
Which business activities will be a part of your CRM?
Business models and their specific requirements
How do I make shrink-wrapped software suit my business?
Customer-centric business management
Requirement analysis
Chapter 3: CRM Deployment Options
Deployment alternatives
Choosing a server operating system
Web-based application platforms
Backup and security considerations
Performing the installation
Chapter 4: SugarCRM Basics
CRM processes and terminology
SugarCRM navigation: Accounts and contacts
The sales pipeline: Leads and opportunities
Sales activities
Advanced user-interface features
Chapter 5: Extending The Business Role of Your SugarCRM System
Resetting the database
Marketing campaigns
Campaign metrics
Chapter 6: The SugarCRM Ecosystem
SugarCRM Community Edition
SugarCRM Professional/Enterprise Editions
Participating in the SugarCRM online community
Chapter 7: Managing Your CRM Implementation
Key steps to a successful CRM implementation
Some common pitfalls
It takes a team to win
Setting project goals and specifications
Selecting a CRM development partner
System development
The CRM training process
CRM training materials
Going live: Stepwise introduction
Continuous feedback and enhancement
Chapter 8: Linking Your Customers to Your SugarCRM
Capturing leads from your website
Customer self-service portals

What You Will Learn

  • Install a CentOS LAMP stack for use by SugarCRM
  • Perform a needs analysis for your business and learn to match those needs to functional areas of SugarCRM
  • Learn system navigation and the use of various features such as the Opportunity Manager
  • Deploy an instance on a Linux or Windows-based server
  • Learn one of SugarCRM’s most popular features – the e-mail marketing campaign feature
  • Extend SugarCRM to allow third-party access to add to or view the data it contains
  • Use the SugarCRM data import tool and learn some common problems one may encounter when using it
  • Explore the SugarCRM framework and get information on extending and applying advanced customizations


In Detail

SugarCRM is a popular customer relationship management system. It is an ideal way for small-medium business to try out a CRM system without committing large sums of money. Although SugarCRM is carefully designed for ease of use, attaining measurable business gains requires careful planning and research.

This book will give you all the information you need to start using this powerful CRM system. It is the definitive guide to implementing SugarCRM. Whether you are wondering exactly what benefits CRM can bring or you have already learned about CRM systems but have yet to implement one or you're working with SugarCRM already, this book will show you how to get maximum benefit from this exciting product. It demonstrates how to install SugarCRM and also how to get the most out of it by customizing it and integrating CRM into your organization as per your needs.

Focused on the needs of the enterprise, this book provides a solution-driven approach for both business and IT specialists to get the most from this powerful and popular Open Source application. It begins with a general discussion about CRM. You will then learn the benefits of such systems, and then explore SugarCRM and its unique value. You will then go through the guidelines for installing and making deployment selections that are set out alongside information for identifying, planning, and applying customizations. Training guidelines and ongoing administrative tasks will be discussed as you progress further into the book. A brief overview of SugarCRM 6.0 is provided at the end of the book.


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