HoloLens Blueprints

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  • Interact with holograms using different interaction models
  • Develop your first holographic app
  • Integrate holographic applications with cloud systems
  • Visualize data feeds coming from the cloud through holograms
  • Manage the application distribution of enterprise-enabled HoloLens
  • Integrate HoloLens applications with services deployed on Azure
  • Identify and create 3D Assets and Scenes
  • Use HoloLens to explore the Internet of Things

Do you want to create stunning applications with HoloLens? Are you a developer who is fascinated with Microsoft HoloLens and its capabilities? If so, this is the book for you.

This book introduces and demystifies the HoloLens platform and shows you different ways of interaction with computers (mixed-reality).

You will start your mixed-reality journey by understanding different types of digital reality. You will learn to build your first holographic app. Also, you will understand holographic application integration possibilities within Line of Business Applications using Azure. Moving ahead, you will create Integrated Solutions using IoT with HoloLens. Gradually you'll learn how to create and deploy apps on a device. You will learn to publish application to the store; if you are an enterprise developer, you will also manage and distribute applications for enterprise-enabled or domain-joined HoloLens.

Finally, you will develop an end-to-end realistic holographic app, ranging from scenario identification to sketching, development, deployment, and, finally, production.

  • Bring holographic insights to existing line-of-business applications, tools, and workflows
  • Focus on developing end-to-end realistic holographic application.
  • Build interactive model scripts and test them in Unity3D and holographic emulators
Page Count 336
Course Length 10 hours 4 minutes
ISBN 9781787281943
Date Of Publication 19 Jun 2017


Abhijit Jana

Abhijit Jana works with Microsoft as a development consultant as part of Microsoft Services. As a consultant, his job is to help customers design, develop, and deploy enterprise-level secure solutions using Microsoft technologies. Apart from being a former Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional), he is a speaker and author as well as an avid technology evangelist. He has delivered sessions at prestigious Microsoft events, such as TechED, Web Camps, Azure Camps, Community TechDays, Virtual TechDays, DevDays, and developer conferences. He loves to work with different .NET communities and help them with different opportunities.

He is a well-known author and has published many articles on various .NET community sites. You can follow him on Twitter at @abhijitjana. He has authored the book Kinect for Windows SDK Programming Guide (ISBN: 1849692386 ISBN 13: 9781849692380).

Abhijit lives in Hyderabad, India, with his wife, Ananya, and a beautiful little angel, Nilova.

Mallikarjuna Rao

Mallikarjuna Rao works with Microsoft as UX Designer/3D mixed reality artist as part of Microsoft Services. He has 15 years of experience in the animation industry, with around 12 years' international exposure.

He has worked as a senior 3D asset supervisor for feature films, television series, commercials, and game projects. Mallikarjuna has worked on pivotal projects for big names in the industry, such as Walt Disney Pictures, Disney Junior, Warner Bros Pictures, Yash Raj Films, and UTV Motion Pictures, which put him under the limelight at the international level. He has an in-depth knowledge of the 3D Asset production pipeline and UX design principles.

Manish Sharma

Manish Sharma works with Microsoft as a solution architect as part of Microsoft Services. As, a solution architect, he is responsible for leading large enterprise-transformational engagements defining technology/solution roadmaps, conducting architecture and technical evaluations of enterprise engagements, and architecting multimillion-dollar solution developments, and maintenance of outsourcing management. He is also a technology evangelist and speaker at prestigious events, such as Microsoft TechEd on the latest and cutting edge technologies, such as HoloLens, Internet of Things, connected cars, and cloud technologies such as Azure.