Hands-On Web Development with Hyperapp V2 [Video]

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  • Modern HA2 web application development from scratch
  • Data-driven front-end development
  • Front-end testing
  • How to break down complex front-end problems into simple steps
  • The benefits of isolating side-effects in your code

The main problems for developers of modern front ends are the number of concepts, managing side-effects, and bringing in large dependencies. These problems can make it seem impossible to get your application from the drawing board into the hands of customers.

Reviewed by Jorge Bucaran, the creator of Hyperapp ( https://twitter.com/jorgebucaran), this course will help you get started with Hyperapp 2.0 (or Hyperapp V2) to create web applications. This is an engaging course where all concepts are explained with the help of practical examples. Beginning with an overview of the Hyperapp 2.0 (V2) micro-framework, with the help of practical examples, you’ll understand its straightforward API and functionalities.

After building your app architecture, you’ll start building your real-world JavaScript application with Hyperapp 2. You’ll manage states with built-in state management in Hyperapp 2 and use virtual DOM, which is essential for developing modern web applications. We’ll also cover the new features introduced in Hyperapp 2 and how they can help you improve web development You’ll also learn to maintain your code easily in Hyperapp.

By the end of the course, you will be well-versed in using the simple but easy Hyperapp 2 (or Hyperapp V2) to develop web applications.

All codes and supporting files are placed on GitHub at this link:

Style and Approach

I have always found that doing is the best learning, so open up your favorite editor and web browser and we’ll build together. I will share with you the best approaches to solving web application problems with HA2 in terms that you can understand. We’ll tackle practical and common problems with modern and intuitive solutions.

  • Level up your skills and learn how to build a complete, testable, and reliable web application from scratch with HA2, without breaking a sweat!
  • Together, we’ll create a page and interface with libraries, all while handling dynamic data, and user input
  • The technologies of the web are constantly evolving, so we’ll build with the next version of Hyperapp!
Course Length 1 hour 58 minutes
ISBN 9781838557980
Date Of Publication 30 May 2019


Alex Barry

Alex Barry is a hobbyist developer since 2001 and professional since 2010. He has a strong interest in building smart and testable applications and mentoring and assisting his colleagues. You can usually find him in a crowd by spotting his cliché unkempt beard and carrying around a very dark and very black coffee. When he is not programming, we can find him hanging out with his wife, playing with his retired service dog Harley, or working on projects around his house.

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