Hands-On Machine Learning using JavaScript [Video]

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  • Understanding the machine learning JavaScript ecosystem
  • Implement different approaches to problem-solving in machine learning
  • Use JavaScript libraries to build neural network models
  • Decide, analyze, and make predictions from real-world data
  • Use machine learning tools to build models and solve problems
  • Use JavaScript to build fun applications in the browser

Machine Learning is a growing and in-demand skill but until now JavaScript developers have not been able to take advantage of it due to the steep learning curve involved in learning a new language. This course shows you various machine learning techniques in a practical way and helps you implement them using the JavaScript language.

Hands-On Machine Learning using JavaScript gives you the opportunity to use the power of machine learning (without installing additional software on the customer's computer) and make them feel safe as the data resides in the system. This course covers basic as well as advanced topics in Machine Learning and gives a holistic picture of the JavaScript machine learning ecosystem by making use of libraries to design smarter applications.

By the end of this course, you'll have gained hands-on experience in evaluating and implementing the right model using the power of JavaScript.

Code files for the course can be found here: https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Hands-On-Machine-Learning-using-JavaScript

Style and Approach

This application-focused course offers practical and actionable guidance with step-by-step instructions, and will enable you to develop your own ML models and methods and use them efficiently in a browser or a Node.js server.

  • Get acquainted with machine learning capabilities using JavaScript and understand the JavaScript Machine Learning ecosystem
  • Work with various powerful machine learning algorithms with this practical course to develop an intuitive understanding of the machine learning world
  • Build and train different machine learning models on the browser or a node js server
Course Length 2 hours 4 minutes
ISBN 9781789613360
Date Of Publication 28 Feb 2019


Arish Ali

Arish Ali started his machine learning journey 5 years ago by winning an all India machine learning competition conducted by IISC and Microsoft. He was a data scientist at Mu Sigma, one of the biggest analytics firms in India. He has worked on some of the cutting-edge problems of Multi-Touch Attribution Modeling, Market Mix Modeling, and Deep Neural Networks. He has also been an Adjunct faculty for Predictive Business Analytics at Bridge School of Management, which offers its course in Predictive Business Analytics along with Northwestern University (SPS).
He worked at a mental health start-up called Bemo as an AI developer where his role was to help automate the therapy provided to users and make it more personalized. He is currently the CEO at Neurofy Pvt Ltd, a people analytics start-up.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/arish813/