Hands-On Functional Programming with Java [Video]

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  • Utilize the functional programming paradigm on practical problems in Java.
  • You will be able to create robust software with few errors.
  • Discover the Java Stream interface for developing functional source code.
  • Implement lambda expressions all through your code, making it more readable and maintainable.
  • You will implement the Collections framework and all of its interfaces.

Functional programming, a popular programming paradigm used to simplify many tasks, will help you write flexible and succinct code. This paradigm makes programs easier to reason with because they're deterministic (one specific input will always give you the same output).
This course takes a thought-leadership approach, gently introduces you to Functional Programming, and takes you all the way to becoming a master of the paradigm. You'll then learn how to work with higher-order functions, lambda functions, collections and more. You'll learn how to apply the best data structures and algorithms that optimize functions and also how to reuse and refactor functional blocks of code. This course is updated to Java 12 so that you will be ahead of the crowd.
By the end of the course, you will have mastered the concepts regarding functional programming along with OOP, to build robust and highly testable applications.

The code files for this course are available at - https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Hands-On-Functional-Programming-with-Java

Style and Appraoch

This course takes a pragmatic approach and shows you the techniques you'll need to write better functional constructs in Java. It then contrasts the object-oriented approach with the functional approach using numerous code examples.

  • Explore how you can blend object-oriented and functional programming styles in Java
  • Use lambda expressions to write flexible and succinct code
  • A tutorial that strengthens your fundamental functional programming techniques to enhance your applications
Course Length 1 hour 49 minutes
ISBN 9781789804362
Date Of Publication 28 Feb 2019


Christian Stojkoski

Christian Stojkoski is a software engineer with over 6 years' programming experience in various programming languages such as C, C++, Java, Lisp, and Dart. He has worked on numerous AI projects that ranged from heuristic searches to artificial neural networks. Currently he is working on mobile applications, more specifically Android, where he employs the latest functionalities of Java. Because of his previous work with Lisp (which is a functional programming language) and functional Python, he can create a better parallel between functional programming and object oriented programming.