Hands On Functional Kotlin [Video]

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  • Learn the Kotlin Functional Programming paradigm.
  • Use basic functions to build your own programs.
  • Implement basic functional algorithms and functional lists.
  • Explore recursive functions, pattern matching, and immutable data structures.
  • Learn higher-order lambda expressions and generics.
  • Learn various Arrow Library components

Functional programming is a hot topic right now; more and more programmers are finding it better for large- scale applications because of its native support and safety. Modern languages such as Kotlin and Swift already support many functional programming features, which makes functional programming even more attractive.

This course demonstrates Kotlin language features and use-cases as well as popular functional programming concepts and techniques. You will learn to design application structures using functional programming concepts and implement business logic using tools provided by Arrow library

All the code and supporting files for this course are available on Github at https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Hands-On-Functional-Kotlin

Style and Approach

This course is divided into three big blocks. The first demonstrates functional programming concepts and use cases where these concepts are applicable; next, we cover Kotlin Arrow library features. Lastly, we cover design patterns and the implementation of a sample application using the content of first two parts.

  • Traverse through essential hand-on functional algorithms, recursion, pattern matching, and immutable data structures.
  • Explore higher-order function, parametric polymorphism, lambda expressions, abstract data types and much more.
  • Combine your own internal functional library with other functional libraries to architect a fully functional real-time Kotlin app.
Course Length 3 hours 10 minutes
ISBN 9781788476706
Date Of Publication 29 Mar 2018


Stepan Goncharov

Stepan Goncharov lives in Singapore. He is involved in helping local developers to grow by sharing knowledge and organizing Kotlin Singapore User Group events.

He has been engineering apps and games for Android since 2008. He has experience in QA, as a product manager, marketer, blogger, consultant, engineering manager, and much more. He has been involved in the development of apps that nobody uses and apps with millions of users worldwide. He currently works at Grab, actively uses Kotlin and Rx, and spends more and more time contributing to OSS. When he is not recording video courses or organizing events for developers, he travels around South East Asia skiing on a wakeboard.
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