Hands-On Enterprise Application Development with Python

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  • Understand the purpose of design patterns and their impact on application lifecycle
  • Build applications that can handle large amounts of data-intensive operations
  • Uncover advanced concurrency techniques and discover how to handle a large number of requests in production
  • Optimize frontends to improve the client-side experience of your application
  • Effective testing and performance profiling techniques to detect issues in applications early in the development cycle
  • Build applications with a focus on security
  • Implement large applications as microservices to improve scalability

Dynamically typed languages like Python are continuously improving. With the addition of exciting new features and a wide selection of modern libraries and frameworks, Python has emerged as an ideal language for developing enterprise applications. Hands-On Enterprise Application Development with Python will show you how to build effective applications that are stable, secure, and easily scalable.

The book is a detailed guide to building an end-to-end enterprise-grade application in Python. You will learn how to effectively implement Python features and design patterns that will positively impact your application lifecycle. The book also covers advanced concurrency techniques that will help you build a RESTful application with an optimized frontend. Given that security and stability are the foundation for an enterprise application, you’ll be trained on effective testing, performance analysis, and security practices, and understand how to embed them in your codebase during the initial phase. You’ll also be guided in how to move on from a monolithic architecture to one that is service oriented, leveraging microservices and serverless deployment techniques.

By the end of the book, you will have become proficient at building efficient enterprise applications in Python.

  • Explore various Python design patterns used for enterprise software development
  • Apply best practices for testing and performance optimization to build stable applications
  • Learn about different attacking strategies used on enterprise applications and how to avoid them
Page Count 374
Course Length 11 hours 13 minutes
ISBN 9781789532364
Date Of Publication 28 Dec 2018


Saurabh Badhwar

Saurabh Badhwar is a developer and open source enthusiast who is passionate about improving software performance and scalability. He has been actively contributing to Mozilla Servo and Fedora Project in the fields of Release Engineering, Quality Assurance and Community Building. He has been giving talks at various community organized events and universities to onboard and engage new members in the community. Saurabh is currently exploring Microservices Architecture and has been giving various talks on it. His most recent talk on Microservices Architecture happened at DevconfCZ 2018. Currently, Saurabh works as an Associate Software Engineer, Performance and Scale Engineering at Red Hat.