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  • Analyze image metadata and identify critical data using JuliaImages
  • Apply filters and improve image quality and color schemes
  • Extract 2D features for image comparison using JuliaFeatures
  • Cluster and classify images with KNN/SVM machine learning algorithms
  • Recognize text in an image using the Tesseract library
  • Use OpenCV to recognize specific objects or faces in images and videos
  • Build neural network and classify images with MXNet

Hands-On Computer Vision with Julia is a thorough guide for developers who want to get started with building computer vision applications using Julia. Julia is well suited to image processing because it’s easy to use and lets you write easy-to-compile and efficient machine code.

This book begins by introducing you to Julia's image processing libraries such as Images.jl and ImageCore.jl. You’ll get to grips with analyzing and transforming images using JuliaImages; some of the techniques discussed include enhancing and adjusting images. As you make your way through the chapters, you’ll learn how to classify images, cluster them, and apply neural networks to solve computer vision problems. In the concluding chapters, you will explore OpenCV applications to perform real-time computer vision analysis, for example, face detection and object tracking. You will also understand Julia's interaction with Tesseract to perform optical character recognition and build an application that brings together all the techniques we introduced previously to consolidate the concepts learned.

By end of the book, you will have understood how to utilize various Julia packages and a few open source libraries such as Tesseract and OpenCV to solve computer vision problems with ease.

  • Build a full-fledged image processing application using JuliaImages
  • Perform basic to advanced image and video stream processing with Julia's APIs
  • Understand and optimize various features of OpenCV with easy examples
Page Count 202
Course Length 6 hours 3 minutes
ISBN 9781788998796
Date Of Publication 28 Jun 2018


Dmitrijs Cudihins

Dmitrijs Cudihins is a skilled data scientist, machine learning engineer and software developer with more than eight years of commercial experience. He started his career as a web-developer, but after a while switched to data science and computer vision.

For the past three years, Dmitrijs is working as a Senior Data Scientist providing consultancy services for the state-owned enterprise, where he uses Julia to automate communication with citizens by applying different Computer Vision techniques, including photo and scanned image processing, neural network classification and text retrieval.