Hands-On Cloud-Native Microservices with Jakarta EE

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  • Integrate reactive principles in MicroProfile microservices architecture
  • Explore the 12-factors-app paradigm and its implications
  • Get the best out of Java versions 8 and 9 to implement a microservice based on Thorntail
  • Understand what OpenShift is and why it is so important for an elastic architecture
  • Build a Linux container image using Docker and scale the application using Kubernetes
  • Implement various patterns such as, Circuit Breaker and bulkheads
  • Get to grips with the DevOps methodology using continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD)

Businesses today are evolving rapidly, and developers now face the challenge of building applications that are resilient, flexible, and native to the cloud. To achieve this, you'll need to be aware of the environment, tools, and resources that you're coding against.

The book will begin by introducing you to cloud-native architecture and simplifying the major concepts. You'll learn to build microservices in Jakarta EE using MicroProfile with Thorntail and Narayana LRA. You'll then delve into cloud-native application x-rays, understanding the MicroProfile specification and the implementation/testing of microservices. As you progress further, you'll focus on continuous integration and continuous delivery, in addition to learning how to dockerize your services. You'll also cover concepts and techniques relating to security, monitoring, and troubleshooting problems that might occur with applications after you've written them.

By the end of this book, you will be equipped with the skills you need to build highly resilient applications using cloud-native microservice architecture.

  • Build robust cloud-native applications using a variety of tools
  • Understand how to configure both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Docker clouds for high availability
  • Explore common design patterns used in building and deploying microservices architecture.
Page Count 352
Course Length 10 hours 33 minutes
ISBN 9781788837866
Date Of Publication 31 Jan 2019


Luigi Fugaro

Luigi Fugaro's first encounter with computers was in the early 80s when he was a kid. He started with a Commodore Vic-20, passing through a Sinclair, a Commodore 64, and an Atari ST 1040, where he spent days and nights giving breath mints to Otis. In 1998, he started his career as a webmaster doing HTML, JavaScript, Applets, and some graphics with Paint Shop Pro. He then switched to Delphi, Visual Basic, and then started working on Java projects. He has been developing all kinds of web applications, dealing with backend and frontend frameworks. In 2012, he started working for Red Hat and is now an architect in the EMEA Middleware team.

He has authored WildFly Cookbook and Mastering JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 7 by Packt Publishing.

Mauro Vocale

Mauro Vocale was born on March 25, 1980 in Venaria Reale, Italy. He started to work in Java and Linux OS in 2001. He is a passionate open source developer, and he is excited to be working for a company like Red Hat as a middleware consultant since November 2015. He is a Certified Oracle Master Java SE 6 Developer, Oracle EJB, and Web Component Developer for JEE 6 and JBoss EAP 7 administration.

As a consultant, he has the opportunity to implement enterprise applications in many different scenarios and, like many IT people, he takes big enterprise companies through the journey of digital transformation and microservices adoption.

He was the official reviewer of Mastering JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 7, published by Packt Publishing.