Hands-On Augmented Reality [Video]

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  • Build powerful cross-platform AR apps with cutting-edge AR Foundation in Unity 3D
  • Create responsive and real-world applications that you can showcase and deploy to the App Store
  • Implement powerful, modular interface-design techniques using device sensors, streamed data, and user inputs such as touch, gaze mechanics, voice, and more
  • Build real-time single and multiplayer apps for Android and iOS
  • The future is wearable: combine ARCore/ARKit with VR
  • Evaluate the state of AR to understand where best to direct your efforts in the future
  • Create unique AR applications from scratch

Previous-generation AR apps were limited to events triggered by markers. Now experiences can be rooted in the user's space and context. This critical shift requires developers to update their skills as well as their thinking. It's time for you to go AR-native and build relevant, smart apps that people want to use for practical reasons. This course will make you fluent in innovative AR development and boost your out-of-the-box thinking to advance your career!

We will create apps people want to use and explore, build a robust portfolio, and deploy course projects to app stores. We will make an interactive speaking companion, a multiplayer app enabling you to collaborate on landscape design, and a VR-enabled AR environment customization app where you can alter the surfaces and lighting of your room!

Unity 3D is the undisputed leader in providing a scaffolding for complex AR/VR, which has been proven time and again with the native AR Foundation, and we will be using it throughout the course. This hands-on course will equip you with powerful tools to reimagine AR and turn it into reality.

*Note: Unity version 2018.2 is used for this course. The setups for cloud anchors (second project) and split screen view (third project) are different in Unity 2019.2, however both concepts remain relevant and transferable. Respective videos within the course explain the evolution of the stack.

The code bundle for this video course is available at - https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Hands-on-Augmented-Reality-V-

  • Develop AR apps far beyond rendering a digital object on a marker
  • Use cutting-edge AR Foundation, ARCore/ARKit, Mixed Reality, and more to create interactive AR applications
  • Develop smart AR apps with state-of-the-art Unity 3D 2018.2 and new industry-standard SDKs! Concepts covered in the course are transferrable to Unity 2019.
Course Length 3 hours 29 minutes
ISBN 9781789801194
Date Of Publication 26 Jul 2019


Animorph Co-op

Szczepan Orlowski and Animorph Co-op have been developing AR and VR for over three years;Szczepan works at Animorph's immersive media cooperative based in London. He specializes in developing game mechanics and spatial interfaces, mainly implementing various Computer Vision SDKs in the Unity 3D engine, ranging from Vuforia, Wikitude, Kudan, OpenCV to Tango, Meta, ARCore, and ARKit. He have worked on a wide range of projects, from public engagement through installations, events, training, and education to commercial implementations that address real-world problems. He has delivered several AR & VR workshops spanning from 1 to 5 days and each of these experiences was very encouraging; now is the time to spread the knowledge over the web! He says, “I remember a few years back struggling to find useful online teaching resources that go beyond setting things up in Unity. This course is made for people who face a similar challenge. Even if you are familiar with the concepts in the course, it's worth looking at them from a different angle! I believe that AR has to be driven by bold creativity in order to supersede the majority of the current software developments replicating our 2D habits.