Hands-On Android Application Components: Services and Fragments [Video]

More Information
  • Explore the basic functionality of how services and fragments work
  • Manage the lifecycle of services and fragments
  • Implement multiple code samples
  • Communicate between service and fragments
  • Send work requests to the background service
  • Add and remove fragments to activities
  • Create layouts for multiple screens at runtime
  • Build a TODO app

It's always been a big pain for developers to understand the implementation of background threads and processes and master building flexible UI's and how to effectively use services in their applications. Not all Android developers have any experience of fragments, but this course will help you master fragments and services from scratch!
In this course, you will start by getting familiar with the fundamental concepts of fragments and adding fragments to an activity, fragment transactions, their lifecycle, and how they communicate with activities. You'll also explore fragment stability during screen rotation, and screen sizes. Then you will learn about services, another application component that will continue to run in the background even if the user switches to another application. Here you will get hands-on with the various kinds of services, threads, and processes, and their life cycle; then you'll move on to inter-process communication. Lastly, you will implement everything you've learned and build a TODO application; you'll learn to pass and manage arguments and master the communication flow between services and fragments in multiple ways. By the end of this course, you'll have a very strong foundation in Android fragments and Android services.

The code bundle for this course is available at https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Hands-on-Android-Application-Components-Services-and-Fragments

Style and Approach

This course takes a step-by-step approach with helpful advice, working examples, and sample projects; you will start as a beginner, but you will master fragment and services in this course. You'll advance your career and work on more cutting-edge projects.

  • Dive into developing Android apps with practical hands-on examples to help you at each stage
  • Detailed, accurate walkthroughs showing you how to create fragments with the latest Android Studio
  • Practical lessons on understanding the wider context of Kotlin
Course Length 2 hours 45 minutes
ISBN 9781789614428
Date Of Publication 28 Mar 2019


Mona Vafa

Mona Vafa is an energetic mobile developer with 4+ years' robust code experience in Java-Android and iOS. She enjoys every minute spent developing apps on her computer. There is always something new to learn so what she loves the most is being challenged and sharing her experience. Currently, Mona is working as a freelance software developer and is a proud online trainer. Apart from this, she loves to travel, explore new places, and read books.