A Google Apps Script Exercise to Build a Consent Form [Video]

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  • Create a Google Script to power Google Apps
  • Develop apps with Google Script
  • Build a form that submits data to a spreadsheet and sends an email

Apps Script is a scripting language for lightweight application development in the G Suite platform. Google Apps Script is a scripting language based on JavaScript that helps you experiment and try new things with G Suite products such as Docs, Sheets, and Gmail.

With this course, you’ll learn more about what Google Script can do and how to create intuitive time-saving applications with confidence. You won’t have to install anything to get started; instead, the course will provide you with a code editor right in your browser, to make your scripts run smoothly on Google's servers. As you cover later sections, you’ll get to grips with how to build a fully functional mini-application that can accept user data within a form, submit that content to a spreadsheet, email a response, and take a document and convert it to a PDF. With access to source code, you’ll go on to learn how to use Google Script to extend what your Google Docs can do.

All along, you’ll learn from an instructor with many years of web development experience. Join now and create your own Google Scripts Apps with ease.

All code and supporting files for this course are available at https://github.com/PacktPublishing/A-Google-Apps-Script-Exercise-to-Build-a-Consent-Form

  • Build projects with a broader scope, thanks to an easy-to-follow teaching style
Course Length 1 hour 14 minutes
ISBN 9781838825591
Date Of Publication 18 Apr 2019