Getting started with PHP Reactive Programming [Video]

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  • Familiarize yourself with definitions of typical programming paradigms such as imperative, asynchronous, functional, parallel, and reactive programming.
  • Get introduced to Observables, observers, operators, Subjects, and disposables as the building blocks of any Rx application.
  • Learn to write a Reddit reader application internally based on RxPHP.
  • We take the Event Dispatcher component that comes with the Symfony 3 framework and extend it with Rx functionality
  • Take a look at testing asynchronous code in general

Reactive Programming helps us write code that is concise, clear, and readable. Combining the power of reactive programming and PHP, one of the most widely used languages, will enable you to create web applications more pragmatically. PHP Reactive Programming will teach you the benefits of reactive programming via real-world examples with a hands-on approach. You will create multiple projects showing RxPHP in action alone and in combination with other libraries.The book starts with a brief introduction to reactive programming, clearly explaining the importance of building reactive applications. You will use the RxPHP library, built a reddit CLI using it, and also re-implement the Symfony3 Event Dispatcher with RxPHP. You will learn how to test your RxPHP code by writing unit tests. Moving on to more interesting aspects, you will implement a web socket backend by developing a browser game. You will learn to implement quite complex reactive systems while avoiding pitfalls such as circular dependencies by moving the RxJS logic from the frontend to the backend. The book will then focus on writing extendable RxPHP code by developing a code testing tool and also cover Using RxPHP on both the server and client side of the application. With a concluding chapter on reactive programming practices in other languages, this book will serve as a complete guide for you to start writing reactive applications in PHP.

Style and Approach

This course consists of a problem solution approach. Each video focuses on a particular task at hand, and is explained in a very simple, easy to understand manner.
This course includes both RxPHP 1 and RxPHP 2. All examples are written for RxPHP 1 because the API is almost the same, we have properly emphasized and explained whenever the APIs of RxPHP 1 and RxPHP 2 differ.

  • Develop an interesting multiplayer browser game written in RxJS and re-implement it using RxPHP
  • Enhance existing reactive applications by building a CLI tool combining Symfony Console
  • Implement Gearman and Rabbit MQ for asynchronous communication
Course Length 2 hours 44 minutes
ISBN 9781788391986
Date Of Publication 26 Jul 2017


Martin Sikora

Martin Sikora has been professionally programming since 2006 for companies such as Miton CZ, Symbio Digital, and PRIA in various languages, mostly PHP and TypeScript. Since 2017, he's freelancing, trying to work on open source projects in TypeScript, PHP, Dart, C, and Python. He's been actively contributing to RxPHP and RxJS 5 on both Github and Stack Overflow. He is a Zend certified engineer and was a member of the winning team during Google Dart Hackathon 2012 in Prague. His first publication was Dart Essentials, by Packt, published in May 2015. Occasionally, Martin writes articles for You can connect with him on LinkedIn at or GitHub at