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Getting Started With Oracle SOA Suite 11g R1 – A Hands-On Tutorial

Demed L'Her, Heidi Buelow, Jayaram Kasi, Manas Deb, Prasen Palvankar

Fast track your SOA adoption – Build a service-oriented composite application in just hours with this Oracle SOA book and eBook!
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Book Details

ISBN 139781847199782
Paperback482 pages

About This Book

  • Offers an accelerated learning path for the much anticipated Oracle SOA Suite 11g release
  • Beginning with a discussion of the evolution of SOA, this book sets the stage for your SOA learning experience
  • Includes a comprehensive overview of the Oracle SOA Suite 11g Product Architecture
  • Explains how Oracle uses standards like Services Component Architecture (SCA) and Services Data Object (SDO) to simplify application development
  • Describes how Oracle has unified services and events into one platform
  • Created to be an iterative tutorial, introducing one feature at a time
  • Includes exercises for associated technologies such as Governance, B2B transactions, and Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)
  • Built around a real-life scenario to illustrate all the key features
  • Full of illustrations, diagrams, and tips for developing SOA applications faster, with clear step-by-step instructions and practical examples
  • Written by Oracle SOA Suite Product Management team members

Who This Book Is For

This clear and detailed tutorial is perfect for both new and experienced SOA developers looking for a pragmatic and hands-on approach to learning Oracle SOA Suite 11g.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: SOA and Its Evolution
SOA and services—what and why
SOA—past, present, and future
Composition, SCA, and service platform
Chapter 2: Product Architecture
Oracle SOA Suite 11: Release drivers
Challenges solved by Oracle SOA Suite 11
Summary of the Oracle SOA Suite 11 components
Chapter 3: The Tutorial Project: Purchase Order Processing
Structure of the tutorial
Tutorial scenario
Overview of the tutorial chapters
Tutorial files
Chapter 4: Product Installation
Checking your installation
What you will need and where to get it
Installing Admin Server and Managed Servers
Installing JDeveloper and SOA Composite Editor
Installing JDeveloper
Additional actions
Testing your installation
Chapter 5: Basic components: Web Services Binding, Mediator, and Database Adapter
Introducing the basic components
Tutorial: Building the credit card validation service
Quick-build instructions
Chapter 6: Accessing Files Using the File Adapter
Introducing the File Adapter
Tutorial: Building the purchase order routing service
Quick-build Instructions
Chapter 7: Creating Processes Using Business Process Execution Language (BPEL)
Introducing BPEL
Tutorial: Orchestration of credit card validation service in POProcessing
Quick-build Instructions
Chapter 8: Creating Human Tasks
Introducing the Human Task component
Tutorial: Adding Manual Approval in PO Processing
Quick-build Instructions
Chapter 9: Business Rules
Introducing Business Rules decision service
Tutorial: Adding an approval rule using the decision service in POProcessing
Introducing Business Rules decision table
Quick-build Instructions
Chapter 10: Using the JMS Adapter
Introducing the JMS Adapter
Tutorial: Orchestration of JMS services in the fulfillment process
Quick-build Instructions
Chapter 11: Reusing and Virtualizing Services with Oracle Service Bus
Introducing Oracle Service Bus
Tutorial: Virtualization of services
Quick-build Instructions
Chapter 12: Exploring Application Life Cycle Management
Introducing life cycle management features
Tutorial: Solution deployment
Quick-build Instructions
Chapter 13: Unit-testing the Composite Application
Introducing the built-in testing framework
Tutorial: Automated unit testing
Quick-build instructions
Chapter 14: Adding Exception Handling
Introducing exception handling
Tutorial: Fault handling and fault policies
Quick-build Instructions
Chapter 15: Securing Services
Introducing security policy management
Tutorial: Securing the credit card validation service
Quick-build Instructions
Chapter 16: Gaining Visibility into Your Process Activities
Introducing Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)
Tutorial: Monitoring Business Activity in PO Processing
Quick-build Instructions
Chapter 17: Event Delivery Network
Introducing events
Tutorial: Use of Event Delivery Network (EDN) and POProcessing
Quick-build Instructions
Chapter 18: Data Handling with Service Data Objects (SDO)
Introduction to Service Data Objects
Tutorial: Using a Service Data Object
Quick-build Instructions
Chapter 19: Connecting to Trading Partners (B2B)
Introducing B2B integration
Tutorial: Triggering POProcessing using B2B transactions
Quick-build Instructions
Chapter 20: Concluding Remarks

What You Will Learn

  • Build a services-oriented composite application
  • Learn iteratively with each chapter introducing new technology components and adding a functional increment
  • Grasp the fundamentals of Oracle SOA Suite 11g platform infrastructure, including: Web-Service Binding, Mediator, and Database Adapter
  • Dive in deeper with BPEL, Rules, Human Workflow, and JMS Adapter
  • Enhance your composite application with Policy-based Fault Handling, Business Events, Sensors, and Security policies
  • Augment your project with Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) and B2B integration
  • Use the service bus for service virtualization
  • Get to grips with the built-in testing framework
  • Explore life-cycle management features

Chapter-1 Introduction
1.1 About this book
1.2 Evolution of SOA

Chapter-2 11g SOA Suite - Product Architecture Overview
2.1 SCA Principles in Action - High-Level Architecture
2.2 Infrastructure Components
2.3 Binding Components
2.4 Monitoring and Management Components
2.1 Key components and their functions
2.2 Design-time Environment: JDeveloper
2.3 Monitoring & Management: Enterprise Manager

Chapter-3 Tutorial Project: Purchase Order Processing (PO Processing)
3.1 The Scenario
3.2 Iterative and Incremental Application Development Strategy

Chapter-4 Product Installation
4.1 What You Will Need and Where to Get It
4.2 Installation
4.3 Configuration
4.4 Testing your installation

Chapter-5 Basic components: Web-Service Binding, Mediator and Database Adapter
5.1 Introducing the Web-Services Binding
5.2 Introducing the Mediator
5.3 Introducing the Database Adapter
5.4 Tutorial: Credit Card Validation Composite

Chapter-6 –Accessing Files Using File Adapter
6.1 Introducing the File Adapter
6.2 Tutorial: Basic PO Processing Composite

Chapter-7 Creating Process Using Business Process Execution Language (BPEL)
7.1 Introducing Business Process Execution Language (BPEL)
7.2 Tutorial: Orchestration of Credit Card Validation Service in PO Processing

Chapter-8 Creating Human Tasks
8.1 Introducing Human Task
8.2 Tutorial: Adding Manual Approval in PO Processing

Chapter-9 Conditional Process Execution Using Rules And Decision Tables
9.1 Introducing Business Rules Decision Service
9.2 Tutorial: Adding Approval Rule using Decision Service in PO Processing
9.3 Introducing Business Rules Decision Table
9.4 Tutorial: Adding Fulfillment Process using Decision Table in PO Processing

Chapter-10 –Using The JMS Adapter
10.1 Introducing the JMS Adapter
10.2 Tutorial: Orchestration of JMS services in Fulfillment Process

Chapter-11 –Reusing And Virtualizing Services With Service Bus
11.1 Introducing Oracle Service Bus
11.2 Tutorial: Virtualization of services

Chapter-12 –Exploring Application Life Cycle Management
12.1 Introducing Life Cycle Management Features
12.2 Tutorial: Solution Deployment

Chapter-13 Unit Testing The Composite Application
13.1 Introducing Built-in Testing Framework
13.2 Tutorial: Automated Unit Testing

Chapter-14 Adding Exception Handling
14.1 Introducing Exception Handling
14.2 Tutorial: Fault Handling and Fault Policies

Chapter-15 Securing Services
15.1 Introducing Security Policy Management
15.2 Tutorial: Securing Credit Card Validation Service

Chapter-16 Gaining Visibility Into Your Process Activities
16.1 Introducing Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)
16.2 Tutorial: Monitoring Business Activities in PO Processing

Chapter-17 Event Delivery Network
17.1 Introducing Events
17.2 Tutorial: Use of Event Delivery Network (EDN) and PO Processing

Chapter-18 Data Handling With Service Data Objects (SDO)
18.1 Introducing Service Data Object (SDO)
18.2 Tutorial: Use of SDO within a BPEL Process

Chapter-19 –Connecting To Trading Partners (B2B)
19.1 Introducing B2B Integration
19.2 Tutorial: Triggering PO Processing using B2B Transactions

Chapter-20 Consuming Services To Deliver Business Value
20.1 Leveraging your composite in a variety of business applications
20.2. Standards enable consumption of service components
20.3 Additional examples

Chapter-21 Concluding Remarks

Sample Code Available Here

In Detail

Accelerate your learning path to Oracle SOA Suite 11g with this easy-to-use and comprehensive hands-on tutorial. This tutorial is built upon proven training content that has been acclaimed by hundreds of developers at SOA Suite 11g rollout training courses.

Getting Started With Oracle SOA Suite 11g walks you through the development of a services-oriented composite application based on a real-life scenario. The solution is built in an iterative fashion, with each chapter introducing new features one by one. This fully illustrated step-by-step tutorial is based on proven training content that has been praised by hundreds of developers in product training courses forming the SOA Suite 11g rollout.

SOA has evolved from being a buzzword into a mature technology, and is now used in mission-critical systems all around the world. With Oracle SOA Suite 11g, Oracle provides a complete, integrated, standards-based and best-of-breed solution to build and manage large, highly demanding SOA projects.

The book starts by introducing key SOA concepts, and emerging standards such as Service Component Architecture (SCA), that are key to understanding Oracle SOA Suite 11g. The remainder of the book, written in the form of a tutorial, will quickly guide new and experienced developers through the complete breadth of features and components offered by Oracle SOA Suite 11g. This tutorial is modular, and you will learn how to build a services-oriented composite application project iteratively with each chapter introducing new technology components and adding a functional increment. Ready-to-deploy solutions are provided for each and every step, so developers can jump into the tutorial at any point in the book, beginning with the solution for the previous chapter. Chapter instructions are written at three levels of complexity: detailed step by step instructions for the newbie, high level functional and design notes for those who want the challenge of building without the details, and a quick-build list of objects for experienced users who just want to build the application.


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