Getting Started with Oracle BPM Suite 11gR1 - A Hands-On Tutorial

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  • Build a business process application
  • Model executable processes with Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) 2.0
  • Optimize your processes using process simulation
  • Analyze activity with Process Analytics and Business Activity Monitoring
  • Integrate business decisions with Business Rules
  • Design complex Human Task flows
  • Develop rich forms for BPM
  • Collaborate with Process Spaces (Social BPM)
  • Explore life-cycle management features

Accelerate your learning path to Oracle BPM Suite 11g with this easy-to-use and comprehensive hands-on tutorial.

Business Process Management is broadly recognized as a top business priority. While BPM is more than technology, effective process management requires a good BPM suite of tools and technologies. The market for such BPM Suites has been historically very fragmented. This market is in the process of being transformed, driven by two forces: standardization, primarily in the form of BPMN 2.0, and consolidation. Oracle BPM Suite 11gR1 is a harbinger of this transformation. With its native support for BPMN 2.0 and a unified and comprehensive set of capabilities, it is poised to accelerate the change.

This book provides an excellent exposure to Oracle BPM 11gR1 and walks you through the development of a business process application based on a real-life scenario. The solution is built in an iterative fashion, with each chapter introducing a new feature until you have learned them all. This fully illustrated step-by-step tutorial is based on proven training content that has been highly praised by hundreds of business process professionals in product training courses given as part of the BPM Suite 11g rollout. While this book is specific to Oracle BPM Suite, some material being based on standards such as BPMN 2.0 are generally applicable.

  • Offers an accelerated learning path for the much-anticipated Oracle BPM Suite 11g release
  • Set the stage for your BPM learning experience with a discussion into the evolution of BPM, and a comprehensive overview of the Oracle BPM Suite 11g Product Architecture
  • Discover BPMN 2.0 modeling, simulation, and implementation
  • Understand how Oracle uses standards like Services Component Architecture (SCA) to simplify the process of application development
  • Describes how Oracle has unified services and events into one platform
  • Built around an iterative tutorial, using a real-life scenario to illustrate all the key features
  • Full of illustrations, diagrams, and tips for developing SOA applications faster, with clear step-by-step instructions and practical examples
  • Written by Oracle BPM Suite Product Management team members
Page Count 536
Course Length 16 hours 4 minutes
ISBN 9781849681681
Date Of Publication 12 Sep 2010


Heidi Buelow

Heidi Buelow is a BPM Product Manager with Oracle and is responsible for Oracle BPM Suite and programs such as beta and technical previews. Heidi joined Oracle in 2006, and previously was Chief Application Architect developing a Business Process Management engine, developer toolset, and application framework. Heidi started her career as a software developer at Xerox working on the Xerox Network Services and Star Workstation products where she first learned to appreciate object-oriented and services-oriented technologies. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Southern California.

Manoj Das

Manoj is Director of Product Management at Oracle, responsible for Oracle's BPM Suite of products. Manoj's BPM journey started at Siebel Systems, where he was responsible for the next generation process-centric and insight-driven application platform. He plays a leadership role setting BPM and SOA industry standards, especially in BPMN 2.0, BPEL, and Business Rules. He is widely recognized at industry conference and in Information Technology publications. Manoj has a BS in Computer Science from IIT Kanpur and an MBA from UC Berkeley. He has held senior Product Management, Development Management, and Product Development positions at Oracle, Siebel, Mentor Graphics, and elsewhere.

Manas Deb

Manas Deb is a senior director in the Fusion Middleware/SOA, BPM, Governance Suites Product Group at Oracle HQ. He currently leads outbound product management and many strategic engagements initiatives for Oracle's SOA, BPM, and Governance solutions, worldwide. He is also responsible for Oracle/HQ-based SOA Methodology initiatives. He has worked in the software industry for over twenty years, most of which was spent in software product management/marketing and on architecting and leading a wide variety of enterprise-level application development and business integrations projects in a wide variety of industries. A graduate of The Indian Institute of Technology (KGP), Manas attended post-graduate studies at University of Texas at Austin. He received his PhD in an inter-disciplinary program comprising Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, and Engineering. Manas also has an MBA with specialization in international business.

Prasen Palvankar

Prasen Palvankar is a Director of Product Management at Oracle and is responsible for outbound SOA Suite and BPM Suite product-related activities such as providing strategic and architectural support to Oracle's SOA Suite and BPM Suite current and prospective customers and also includes field and partner enablement, and training. Prasen joined Oracle in 1998 and worked as a Technical Director in the Advanced Technology Solutions group in Oracle Consulting delivering large-scale integration projects before taking on his current role five years ago. Prior to joining Oracle, he worked as a Principal Software Engineer at Digital Equipment Corporation.

Meera Srinivasan

Meera Srinivasan is a BPM Product Manager with Oracle and is responsible for Oracle BPM Suite and Oracle BPA Suite. She has 15 years of extensive experience in integration, SOA, BPM, and EA technologies and represents Oracle at OMG, OASIS and other industry consortia. Meera joined Oracle in 2003, and was part of the SOA Product Management team managing Adapters. Prior to joining Oracle, she spent seven years with TIBCO Software, a pioneer in electronic trading, message-oriented middleware, and enterprise integration. At TIBCO, she was an Engineering Manager involved in managing the development of various Adapters and EAI technologies. She holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Florida at Gainesville.