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Getting Started with Google Guava

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  • Master String manipulation with ease including creating a HashMap from formatted text
  • Harness the power of functional programming with Functions and Predicates
  • Use the power of Guava’s Collections classes
  • Get to grips with better ways of writing and reading files with less boilerplate
  • Improve synchronization with the Monitor
  • Create and use a self-loading cache for better performance
  • Leverage the power of event-based programming with the EventBus
  • Never get another NullPointerException by using the Optional class

Java continues to maintain its popularity and is still one of the main languages used in the software industry today. But there are things in Java that are difficult to do that can be made easier; that’s where Guava comes in. Guava provides developers with a way to write better code, with less effort.

Getting Started with Google Guava will show the reader how to start improving their code from the very first chapter. Packed with examples and loads of source code, this book will have an immediate impact on how you work with Java.

This book starts with using Guava to help with the common tasks that Java developers perform. Then you’ll work your way through more specialized situations and finally some great functionality Guava provides that can add a lot of power to your applications with little effort. You will learn about Guava’s famous Collections classes that add unique features, like the Bi-Map, to Java’s already great Collection classes. We’ll see how to add some functional programming aspects to our code. We will also learn about using a self-loading cache for improved performance in our applications, and how to use the EventBus to create software that takes advantage of event-based programming.

  • Write more robust code that is easier to read and maintain
  • Learn how to use Preconditions to prevent and find errors faster
  • Shows how Guava Collections can make working with Java Collections a breeze
Page Count 142
Course Length 4 hours 15 minutes
Date Of Publication 13 Aug 2013


Bill Bejeck

Bill Bejeck is a senior software engineer with 10 years experience across a wide range of projects. Currently he is working on the storage and analysis of financial data using Hadoop. He has a B.A in Economics from the University of Maryland and an M.S in Information Systems from Johns Hopkins University. Bill also enjoys blogging at http://codingjunkie.net.