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Getting Started with Dynamics NAV 2013 Application Development

Alex Chow

Using this tutorial will take you deeper into Dynamics NAV from a developer’s viewpoint, and allow you to unlock its full potential. The book covers developing an application from start to finish in logical, illuminating steps.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849689489
Paperback230 pages

About This Book

  • Understanding user requirements and drawing inspiration from existing functions
  • Creating the application and integrating it into standard Dynamics NAV
  • Presented in a simple tutorial style, with a resource to get a free trial full version to help you get started

Who This Book Is For

"Getting Started with Dynamics NAV 2013 Application Development" is for any user who uses Dynamics NAV as their main business software. This is also for any developers who may be familiar with other accounting software and wish to get into developing within the Dynamics NAV field.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Dynamics NAV 2013 on Your Computer – For (Almost) Free
Getting your free copy
Installing the software
A look at what is installed
Getting your license
Chapter 2: Getting Familiar with Dynamics NAV 2013
But first, a little history
The Windows Client (WC) interface
Exploring the list page
Personalizing the list page
Searching your data based on filters
Exploring the card page
Personalizing the card page
Exploring the document page
Exploring the rest of the RTC environment
The Development Environment interface
Chapter 3: Exploring the Data Structure and Basic Layout of Dynamics NAV
Exploring the different departments
Drilling across modules and departments
Sales and marketing
Going into the inventory
Continuing on to the vendor
Drilling down to the detailed transactions
Creating a sales order
Drill it on your own
Chapter 4: Determining a Task List
Who you are
Your company
Identifying the major pains in the company
Understanding the current operation
Listing out all of the problems
Defining the non-negotiable must-haves
Designing the solution
Chapter 5: Finding Similar Functions for Inspiration
A closer look at the requirements
Where have you seen similar behavior?
A closer look at the Sales Header table (36)
Data types in Dynamics NAV
Primary key and indexes
Looking at C/AL behind the table (the code)
Table relations
A closer look at the Sales Order page (42)
Looking at the properties
A closer look at the Sales Order Subform page (46)
Looking at C/AL on the page (the code)
Chapter 6: Creating the Application – Tables
Creating the table and identifying the primary key(s)
Saving, compiling, and running our table
Adding new fields to the tables
Defining table relations in fields
Creating the Complaint Line table
Creating a conditional table relationship
Adding a composite primary key
Adding the Complaint Comments table
Chapter 7: Creating the Application – Pages and Reports
Creating the Product Complaint page
Linking FactBoxes
Creating the Product Complaint subpage
The AutoSplitKey property
Creating the Product Complaint Comments page
Linking the pages together
Create an analysis report using wizards
Chapter 8: Extending Our Application
A quick look at our user requirements
A quick test of our application
Generate unique document numbers automatically
Creating a number series for our application
Programming our table for the number series
Put our code in the table
Defaulting fields using code
Defaulting fields using FlowFields
Defaulting an item description on the line table
Changing the properties of the decimal values
Creating a separate screen for closed complaints
Creating the list page
Data clean up
Adding the application to the RTC menu
Testing our application
Last check of our requirement list
Chapter 9: Dynamics NAV Modules to Address the Specific Needs of Your Business
Exploring the Help tool
Exploring the Warehouse Management functionality
Exploring the Manufacturing functionality
Exploring the Jobs functionality
Exploring the Service Management functionality

What You Will Learn

  • Learn how to “look under the hood” for existing application functions
  • Work within the application environment to create relevant projects
  • Create and modify an application that is to the user’s specification
  • Relate the application object to the standard system
  • Explore functionalities and relationships to get your application working efficiently

In Detail

So, your company has made the wise decision to use Dynamics NAV as its main business software for all its enterprise resource planning. Dive in and learn the ins and outs of the software from a development standpoint and unlock the software’s full potential.

The book will walk you through creating an application from start to finish. Once you know how to create a working application that users can access, you will have the knowledge and the resources needed to create other applications based on the tutorials covered in this guide.

You will start by obtaining a free trial version of Dynamics NAV and then be introduced to the world of analyzing and deriving user problems into a requirements list. Finally, you will be shown how to use the software to knock out these requirements.

You will learn everything you need in order to begin creating your own applications, from translating the user’s requirements to creating and modifying your system applications. Use Dynamics NAV’s capability to create an application and address the user’s needs, while also learning best practices and simple solutions.

"Getting Started with Dynamics NAV 2013 Application Development" will help you on your way to becoming a great developer!


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