Getting started with Cloud Native Go [Video]

More Information
  • Implement the REST API with Go’s standard library
  • Learn how to Containerize Go microservices using Docker and Kubernetes
  • Implement Deployment and Service descriptors
  • Run Docker images locally
  • Understand the basic Docker workflow and basic Docker commands
  • See a simple Go microservice implementation
  • Find out how to successfully implement Go microservice frameworks

Microservices in Go teaches you how to handle advanced server side development in Go; it uses microservices to accomplish this, but is relevant to all server-side developers.

This course is your one-stop guide to learn all about building cloud-native architectures in Go. We begin by introducing you to the cloud native stack and microservices, then move on to implementing a simple Go microservice. This includes implementing the REST API with Go’s standard library. Finally, we look at the Containerization and Orchestration of Go micro services using Docker and Kubernetes by showing you how to deploy Kubernetes and scale deployment.

Style and Approach

The course will follow a step by step approach where we will be focusing on implementing simple Go microservices and their containerization using Docker and Kubernetes.

  • Enable your applications to run faster while generating smaller cloud service bills
  • Integrate your application with a number of tools such asDockerandKubernetes
  • Simple Go microservice implementation
  • Containerization and Orchestration of Go micro services using docker and Kubernetes
Course Length 2 hours 4 minutes
ISBN 9781787125476
Date Of Publication 24 Feb 2017


Mario-Leander Reimer

Mario-Leander Reimer is a chief technologist for QAware GmbH. He is a senior Java developer and architect with several years' experience in designing complex and large-scale distributed system architectures. He is continuously looking for innovations and ways to combine and apply state-of-the-art technology and open-source software components in real-world customer projects. He studied computer science at Rosenheim and Staffordshire University and he also teaches cloud computing as a part-time lecturer.