Getting Started with Apache Maven [Video]

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  • Govern the Maven repository, and the idea of collaborative development
  • Discover how to specify dependencies and get transitive dependencies
  • Add and customize the standard build steps
  • Explore the use of parent projects and management sections
  • Find out how Maven simplifies the creation of project websites
  • Get to grips with simple ways to enable reports such as test coverage and standards compliance
  • Release a Maven project to an internal or external repository
  • Create and manage a multi-module project

Building projects rapidly and incrementally is a critical part of a developer’s job. "Getting Started with Apache Maven" will show you how to take advantage of the common elements of project building and implement effective methods to solve frequently encountered problems, as well as facilitating collaborative development among projects.

"Getting Started with Apache Maven" will introduce you to the world of synergized development in the Maven ecosystem. The course logically explains the various concepts of the tool, and shows how to proceed from simple assignments to complex ones.

Maven is not simply a tool to invoke compilers and utilities, but it is also an approach to easily constructing your project by accessing its ever-expanding world of tools and libraries.

You will learn how to pull in dependencies simply by specifying their coordinates, how to customize your lifecycle with plugins, and see how easy it can be to create a project website. You will see how to generate reports on your code that will enable understanding and will let you know when your developers are running into problems. You will understand how to scale up from simple projects to multi-module ones.

This video course walks you through the steps by presenting examples, starting with very basic ones, and growing to more elaborate ones once you have mastered the basics.

Style and Approach

Packt video courses are designed to cover the breadth of the topic in short, hands-on, task-based videos. Each course is divided into short manageable sections, so you can watch the whole thing or jump to the bit you need. The focus is on practical instructions and screencasts showing you how to get the job done.

The video course entails a crisp demonstration of the concepts of building projects through Apache Maven backed by practical and illustrative examples.

  • Covers everything from basic dependencies to complex multi-module projects
  • Demonstrates the key concept of project building logically
  • Loaded with examples, motivated by typical build challenges
Course Length 2 hour 15 minutes
ISBN 9781782165729
Date Of Publication 29 Sep 2013


Russell Gold

Russell Gold has been a Java developer since 1996 and is the author of the open-source project, HttpUnit, as well as a handful of smaller open source projects. He is also a committer on the Codehaus Mojo project, where he maintains the idlJ and RMIC plugins.

He has spent the major part of his career looking for better ways to develop software, is a staunch advocate of agile development, and has embraced Maven as a major advance in build philosophy and technology. Russell is currently employed by Oracle.

I would like to express gratitude to my wife Gwen, for her patience as I spent many hours working on this project, as well as to my boss and co-workers who have offered encouragement and feedback.