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+ Collection Tips and Tricks

Ankit Arora, Abhinav Gupta

Tips and tricks bundled in a short book to assist administrators and developers to become more productive with the platform
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849684743
Paperback224 pages

About This Book

  • Tips and tricks for topics ranging from point-and-click administration, to fine development techniques with Apex & Visualforce
  • Avoids technical jargon, and expresses concepts in a clear and simple manner
  • A pocket guide for experienced developers

Who This Book Is For

" Tips and Tricks" is not a bible or a complete reference for the platform development. The time- saving tips and tricks make this book handy for novice as well as experienced developers. This is basically for developers, who want to extend their applications using Flex, Apex, and Visualforce.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Learning to Fly with
What is cloud computing?
What is
Salesforce environments
Chapter 2: Admin Tools
Data Loader
The Import wizard
Third-party tools for data integration Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Migration Tool
AppExchange – cloud application marketplace
Chapter 3: Making Best Use of Salesforce Objects
Understanding the field types
Considerations for relationships
Types of objects
Record types
Chapter 4: Understanding Analytics
Report types
Analytic snapshots
Chapter 5: Setting Up Development Environments
Building apps on Salesforce
What is an environment?
Migrating changes between environments
Application lifecycle management
Chapter 6: Tools and Destinations that Every Developer Should Know
Tools for developers and admins
Chapter 7: Writing Better Apex Code
Understanding the language basics
Advanced Apex
Chapter 8: Writing Better Visualforce Code
Knowing the Visualforce architecture
Reusing the platform's native look and feel
Reusing VF code
Limiting view states
Flexible pages using field sets
Speeding up Ajax calls
Global variables and functions
JavaScript remoting
Taking care of security compliance in pages
Miscellaneous tips

What You Will Learn

  • Be more efficient and productive on the platform, not only as a developer but also as an administrator
  • Manage and use it in a multi-developer environment
  • Explore various tools and destinations for admins
  • Make best use of Salesforce objects, reports, and analytics
  • Explore various tools and destinations for developers
  • Understand the multitenant nature of the platform
  • Write better code in both Apex and Visualforce

In Detail is an extremely powerful, scalable and secure cloud platform, delivering a complete technology stack covering the ground from database and security to workflow and user interface. Tips and Tricks starts with very basic admin tasks and gradually moves to hard-core coding tips and tricks for the multitenant platform.

The book starts with the basics of Cloud Computing and Principles and constructs of The book then swiftly move to detailed coverage of Salesforce analytics.

The book also shows how to set up development environments and and gives detailed understanding of tools and destinations that every developer should know. The book also covers important administration concepts where you gain vital information for key topics such as schema and reporting for an organization. For, troubleshooting a problem and code reuse are two important aspects that help in boosting productivity, a complete chapter is dedicated to these tasks.

This book takes you beyond any documentation or course and promises hands-on expertise.


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