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+ Collection Developer Certification Handbook (DEV401)

Siddhesh Kabe

Probably the best preparation you could have for the DEV401 exam is this comprehensive handbook that covers all the fundamentals. It will put you on track for becoming a Certified Developer.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849683487
Paperback280 pages

About This Book

  • Simple and to-the-point examples that can be tried out in your developer org
  • A practical book for professionals who want to take the DEV 401 Certification exam
  • Sample questions for every topic in an exam pattern to help you prepare better, and tips to get things started
  • Full of screen-shots, diagrams, and clear step-by-step instructions that cover the entire syllabus for the exam

Who This Book Is For

Developers who need to prepare for the Certified Developer exam will benefit from this book. This book is ideal for developers who are new to Salesforce CRM and the platform. It would be advantageous if readers have some familiarity with Salesforce applications and have basic HTML and XML skills. By the end of the book, you will be ready to appear for the exam and develop various applications on the cloud platform.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started with
The cloud computing model of
Understanding the model application types
Authentication on
Test your knowledge
Chapter 2: Creating a Database on
Library Management System
Objects data types
Test your knowledge
Chapter 3: User Interface
What is an application?
Overview of Visualforce
Using the Visualforce pages in the organization
Test your knowledge
Chapter 4: Implementing Business Logic
The basic rules of implementing business logic
Using workflows to automate business processes
Improving productivity using automated approval process
Comparing workflow and approval process
Debugging and monitoring the process
Test your knowledge
Chapter 5: Data Management
The basics of data operations
The importance of record IDs
Relationships — dependents first
Connecting to Salesforce server through API
Data loading tools
Other data manipulation wizards
Data storage limit
Test your knowledge
Chapter 6: Analytics and Reporting
Displaying tabular data using Reports
Displaying graphical charts using dashboards
Analytic snapshot
Test your knowledge
Chapter 7: Application Administration
Managing access control licenses
Using queues to balance workloads
Localization with translation workbench
Restricting data access
Setting up security
Test your knowledge
Chapter 8: Exam Guide and Practice Paper
Overview of the Salesforce Certified Developer Exam
Sample paper
Additional resources
Community resources

What You Will Learn

  • Create data objects and become familiar with the type of fields required to store data
  • Build a custom application including page layouts, fields, and tabs
  • Automate complex business processes using workflows and approvals
  • Perform data operation on chunks of data using data loader
  • Build scalable cloud-based applications for multiple users and learn to share data with them based on their position
  • Understand the administrative capabilities of the platform and other useful functionalities that can be achieved using point and click, without writing a line of code
  • Quickly build completely scalable and working applications on the famous platform


In Detail

When migrating to the new wave of cloud-based applications, we now think about business logic, we think about automating processes, and we think about how we can make the systems better. is a cloud-based platform that is used to build and deploy enterprise applications on the cloud with minimum coding. Demand for experts is growing rapidly and companies look for certified professionals. This books comes in handy when you are seeking to clear the Certified Developer exam.

The Developer Certification Handbook (DEV401) is a practical guide for you to become a Certified Developer. This book will help you to impress your colleagues with excellent skills, and prepare for the Dev 401 certification exam. From building applications to automating business processes everything is covered from the certification perspective, and you will gain hands-on expertise with the step-by-step approach of this book. Developer Certification Handbook (DEV401) will help you build and deploy a complete application on by using point and click. With this book you will learn to create and manage custom objects and their data. You will build the user interface for your applications and automate your business process by using workflows and approvals.

This definitive certification guide provides a disciplined approach to be adopted for successfully clearing the DEV 401 exam, which gives you an edge over developers who are not certified. Each chapter contains ample practice questions at the end.


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