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Extending Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Cookbook

Murray Fife

This is a brilliantly accessible book, packed with practical examples, that’s perfect for business professionals who want to make more of the advanced features of Dynamics AX to save money and increase management efficiency.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781782168331
Paperback314 pages

About This Book

  • Extend Dynamics in a cost-effective manner by using tools you already have
  • Solve common business problems with the valuable features of Dynamics AX
  • Follow practical and easy-to-grasp examples, illustrations and coding to make the most out of Dynamics AX in your business scenario

Who This Book Is For

This title is for business professionals, such as administrators and consultants, who want to take full advantage of the features of Dynamics AX. This book has a wide appeal and you do not need to be a SharePoint, database or programming expert. As long as you know a little about these elements, you will be able to take full advantage of the business efficiency created with Dynamics AX extensions.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Extending Out with SharePoint
Configuring a My Site host site
Using note boards to microblog from the Role Centers
Adding My Site profile links to the Role Centers
Creating shared document libraries
Linking document libraries to Dynamics AX records
Chapter 2: Reports and Dashboards
Creating a Power View report from Dynamics AX
Creating a Power View report from Power View cubes
Saving Power View dashboards and reports
Adding a Power View report to a Role Center
Exporting a Power View report to PowerPoint
Creating a PowerPivot gallery in SharePoint
Creating a PowerPivot data source for Power View
Creating a Power View report via the PowerPivot gallery
Linking Power View reports to Dynamics AX forms
Chapter 3: Dashboards, Charts, and Scorecards
Creating a Business Intelligence site
Configuring a PerformancePoint workspace to connect to the Dynamics AX cubes
Creating a scorecard in PerformancePoint
Adding scorecards to a user's Role Center
Creating an analytical chart in PerformancePoint
Adding an analytical chart to a user's Role Center
Using Decomposition Trees to drill into the analytical charts
Creating PerformancePoint dashboards in SharePoint
Chapter 4: Communication and Collaboration
Linking Outlook with Dynamics AX
Flagging Dynamics AX contacts for synchronization
Synchronizing Dynamics AX contacts with Outlook
Using the Outlook Social Connector to research Dynamics AX contacts
Communicating with contacts from within Dynamics AX
Using Lync to collaborate with other users directly from Dynamics AX
Chapter 5: Using Cases to Manage Incidents and Requests
Creating Case categories
Assigning tasks through Cases
Creating appointments through Cases
Defining the standard processes for Case management
Assigning Knowledge articles to Cases
Associating additional business entities to Cases
Creating projects from Cases
Creating collaboration workspaces for Case projects
Chapter 6: Organizing Your Workflows
Creating a new workflow design from a template
Adding task steps to workflows
Saving and activating workflows
Setting the default workflows
Submitting and using workflows
Adding conditional decisions to a workflow
Adding manual decisions to a workflow
Adding workflow status notifications
Adding text placeholders to workflow messages
Chapter 7: Reporting in Office
Creating a document data source
Creating a Dynamics AX document template within Word
Creating document template libraries
Registering documents to template libraries
Chapter 8: Talking to the Outside World
Adding login accounts for customers in Active Directory
Configuring customer accounts in Dynamics AX
Associating customer logins with customer accounts
Configuring a product catalog
Adding images and presentation information to product catalogs
Chapter 9: Creating Help
Creating a new help publisher ID
Creating a new help publisher content folder
Creating your help content
Creating a Task Recorder walkthrough
Turning a task recording document into a help topic
Chapter 10: Web Services and Forms
Creating a Dynamics AX web service
Creating a web service wrapper
Using a Dynamics AX web service in an InfoPath form
Creating custom OData queries to retrieve Dynamics AX data
Building InfoPath lookups using OData queries
Chapter 11: Role Center Personalization and Customization
Creating a new Role Center template
Creating a new Dynamics AX user profile
Adding cues to Role Center profiles
Adding cues through the Advanced Filter editor
Adding RSS feeds to Role Centers
Removing the ribbon bar from Role Centers
Removing the navigation bar from Role Centers
Embedding Role Centers into Outlook

What You Will Learn

  • Easily create attractive dashboards and reports using Performance Point, PowerView and Excel
  • Improve and maximize the potential of user communication and collaboration with Outlook and Lync
  • Create and configure roles centers for your users
  • Build personal portals and document libraries within SharePoint
  • Create a streamlined organization through workflows
  • Build new help files specific to your business
  • Develop personalized and customized screens

In Detail

Dynamics AX is built on a number of foundation products from Microsoft that are used to make it bigger, better, and stronger than the average business system. Taking advantage of these products will make your life easier. Use these tools to maximize the efficiency of your business management, taking advantage of a powerful and centralized tool set.

"Extending Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Cookbook" will show you how to use tools that you already have to extend out Dynamics AX and discover potential new directions. You will be surprised at what you can do on a shoestring budget. The book will allow you to streamline your work processes, and use the system's powerful and centralised features to the advantage of your organization.

"Extending Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Cookbook" will show you how to maximize the potential of Dynamics AX with common and popular tools to enhance your business management systems. We will begin by exploring how to extend Dynamics AX out with SharePoint. After this, the book will guide you through important elements in maximizing business management efficiency, focusing on key aspects like reports, dashboards, and workflows. The book will then finish by teaching you how to customize your management systems, achieving a comprehensive coverage of the most important extension processes relevant to you and your business with very little programming.

This is a book for those of you that want to make the most out of Dynamics AX by using what you already have, and without breaking the bank.


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