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Docker for the Absolute Beginner - Hands-On [Video]

More Information
  • Beginner level introduction to Docker
  • Basic Docker commands with hands-on exercises
  • Build Docker images using Dockerfiles with hands-on exercises
  • Understand what Docker compose is
  • Build an application stack using Docker compose files with hands-on exercises
  • Understand what Docker swarm is

Docker is an open platform for developers and sysadmins to build, ship, and run distributed applications, whether on laptops, data center VMs, or the cloud. This course introduces Docker to an absolute beginner using really simple and easy to understand lectures. Lectures are followed by demos showing how to setup and get started with Docker. The coding exercises that accompany this course will help you practice Docker commands, develop your own images using Dockerfiles, and practice Docker compose. You will be developing Docker files for different use cases right in your browser. This way you don’t really need to have your own environment setup to get some hands-on practice. The coding exercises will validate your commands and Dockerfiles and ensure you have written them correctly. And finally we have assignments to put your skills to test. You will be given a challenge to solve using the skills you gained during this course. This is a great way to gain real-life project experience, work with other students in the community to develop a Dockerfile, and get feedback for your work. The assignment will push you to research and develop your own Docker images.

Style and Approach

A great way to solidify your basic knowledge with perfect examples.

  • The course introduces Docker and its key concepts in a short and concise manner.
Course Length 2 hours 15 minutes
Date Of Publication 5 Apr 2018


Mumshad Mannambeth

Mumshad Mannambeth - Solutions Architect | Developer | Trainer

He is an IT Solutions Architect and specializes in Cloud, Automation, and DevOps. He is passionate about learning new technology and teaching. He believes the best way to learn is to learn by doing and in a fun way. He has authored multiple courses on DevOps, Cloud and Automation technologies and he teaches over 50,000 Students worldwide. His courses focus on providing students with an interactive and hands-on experience in learning new technology that makes learning really interesting.