Developing Middleware in Java EE 8

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  • Implement the latest Java EE 8 APIs and manage dependencies with CDI 2.0
  • Perform CRUD operations and access databases with JPA 2.1
  • Use bean validation API 2.0 to validate data
  • Develop business logic with EJB 3.2
  • Incorporate the REST architecture and RESTful API design patterns
  • Perform serialization and deserialization on JSON documents using JSON-B
  • Utilize JMS for messaging and queuing models and securing applications
  • Test applications using JUnit and Mockito and deploy them using Docker

Middleware is the infrastructure in software based applications that enables businesses to solve problems, operate more efficiently, and make money. As the use of middleware extends beyond a single application, the importance of having it written by experts increases substantially. This book will help you become an expert in developing middleware for a variety of applications.

The book starts off by exploring the latest Java EE 8 APIs with newer features and managing dependencies with CDI 2.0. You will learn to implement object-to-relational mapping using JPA 2.1 and validate data using bean validation. You will also work with different types of EJB to develop business logic, and with design RESTful APIs by utilizing different HTTP methods and activating JAX-RS features in enterprise applications. You will learn to secure your middleware with Java Security 1.0 and implement various authentication techniques, such as OAuth authentication. In the concluding chapters, you will use various test technologies, such as JUnit and Mockito, to test applications, and Docker to deploy your enterprise applications.

By the end of the book, you will be proficient in developing robust, effective, and distributed middleware for your business.

  • Explore EJBs to build middleware solutions for enterprise and distributed applications
  • Understand middleware designs such as event-based and message-driven web services
  • Learn to design and maintain large-scale systems and vendor disputes
Page Count 252
Course Length 7 hours 33 minutes
ISBN 9781788391078
Date Of Publication 29 Jun 2018


Abdalla Mahmoud

Abdalla Mahmoud is a Java software architect and trainer with 14+ years of experience in the software development industry. He's led many successful projects using a broad range of technologies and frameworks covering the most out of the web, desktop, and mobile development aspects. He's also contributed in training hundreds of Java software engineers for more than 7 years, on different topics including Java EE, Spring, design patterns, and Android.