Debugging and Unit Testing in Visual Studio 2017 [Video]

More Information
  • Install and configure Visual Studio
  • Debug applications from Visual Studio
  • Debug to other local and remote processes
  • Write and organize unit tests
  • Test Explorer to run tests and explore results
  • Test with Live Unit Testing
  • White-box testing with IntelliTest

Visual Studio 2017 brings powerful tools for testing, which help developers concentrate more on writing better code than finding loopholes in their code. This course is a comprehensive guide that exposes best in class techniques to test applications using the tools within Visual Studio.

It begins with an introduction to the various tools within Visual Studio. The course shows you how to plan and create a test suite. You’ll learn how to perform unit tests and once you’re comfortable testing, you’ll learn how to automate your tests as well. Moving on, you’ll learn how to test your application for performance, running, distributing, and analyzing load tests.

You’ll use the Microsoft Test Manager to streamline your tests and then go on to test web performance and write code to customize it where needed. You’ll also learn how to perform continuous testing that fits in line with DevOps practices for cloud environments. You’ll use Selenium Webdriver and include it in a continuous integration build, after which you’ll learn to use IntelliTrace to debug your applications effortlessly. Finally, you’ll learn to work with test data and reports and manage your test lab.

Style and Approach

Written from a developer’s point of view, the course helps you take advantage of the various testing features, customize them by generating code and fine-tune them to what you need. Filled with examples, you’ll be able to harness all the tools within Visual Studio for your needs.

  • Test for performance, load, and continuous delivery, all at one place
  • Use the Test Manager and manage test cases and test scenarios efficiently
  • Develop your own programmable data query and change the collection plan for IntelliTrace to use
Course Length 1 hour 44 minutes
ISBN 9781787287143
Date Of Publication 30 Oct 2017


Damir Arh

Damir Arh is a software architect and developer, who is interested in using new technologies and methodologies to make development processes more efficient and improve the user experience in software.

He is a big proponent of TDD (test-driven development) and unit testing in general. He regularly uses NUnit and MsTest unit testing frameworks and is very fond of the NCrunch continuous testing tool. It really changes the way you look at unit tests.

He has a lot of experience with setting up continuous integration servers (CruiseControl.NET and TeamCity), and has used and administered different source control tools (SVN, GIT, TFS, and VSS).

He has been working with Microsoft development tools all of his professional career. He has lots of experience with most parts of the .NET framework: client-side (WPF, Windows Forms), server-side (WCF, WF, and ASP.NET), and data access (ADO.NET, Entity Framework).

Lately, he has been very interested in mobile platforms, such as WinRT and Windows Phone. He has been a fan of Portable Class Libraries since they were first released.

In the past, he spent a lot of time in the field of COM-.NET interoperability, as well as with Word and Excel automation.

He is also experienced with all aspects of SQL Server (Database Services, Analysis Services, DTS, and Integrations Services).

He loves to share his knowledge with other developers. He is a speaker at local events (Microsoft NT conference, Bleeding Edge, and local user group meetings). He regularly posts on his blog and is an active user on Stack Overflow.