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  • Modularize your Vaadin applications with Maven
  • Create high quality custom components
  • Implement robust and secure authentication and authorization mechanisms
  • Connect to SQL databases efficiently
  • Design robust CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) views
  • Generate stunning reports
  • Improve resource consumption by using lazy loading

Vaadin is an open-source Java framework used to build modern user interfaces. Vaadin 8 simplifies application development and improves user experience. The book begins with an overview of the architecture of Vaadin applications and the way you can organize your code in modules.Then it moves to the more advanced topics about advanced topics such as internationalization, authentication, authorization, and database connectivity. The book also teaches you how to implement CRUD views, how to generate printable reports, and how to manage data with lazy loading.

By the end of this book you will be able to architect, implement, and deploy stunning Vaadin applications, and have the knowledge to master web development with Vaadin.

  • A one-stop book to enhance your working knowledge with Vaadin.
  • Explore and implement the architecture of Vaadin applications.
  • Delve into advanced topics such as data binding, authentication and authorization to improvise your application’s performance
Page Count 202
Course Length 6 hours 3 minutes
ISBN 9781783288847
Date Of Publication 29 Apr 2018


Alejandro Duarte

Alejandro Duarte is a developer advocate and trainer at Vaadin Ltd. He is also the author of Vaadin 7 UI Design by Example: Beginner's Guide (Packt, 2013). Graduating from the National University of Colombia with a B.S. in computer science, Alejandro learned how to program with the BASIC programming language at age 13 and has worked on many software development projects in startup-like and big companies in several countries. When he isn't coding, he splits his time between his family, his beautiful girlfriend, and his passion for the electric guitar. You can follow him on Twitter at @alejandro_du.