Dart 2 in 7 Days [Video]

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  • Set up a Dart/Flutter development environment on Windows or the Mac
  • Learn Dart basics: data types, variables, control flows (if statements, for loops), operations, and functions
  • Learn Dart object-oriented concepts: classes, functions, inheritance, interfaces, and data structures
  • Build apps with material design widgets - scaffold, flat buttons, cards, and ListView.builder
  • Fetch data from online APIs and parse JSON objects
  • Persist data with SQLite
  • Build apps and deploy them to IOS and Android with a single codebase

Google's Dart appears to be a much more robust framework, superseding JavaScript in several aspects to create next-generation apps.
This video starts by setting up a development environment for Dart and Flutter from which to build your first app. You will then learn how to create variables and perform operations and will learn about conditional statements. Next, you will focus on Object-Oriented Programming aspects, wherein you will learn about creating classes, functions, and data structures. You will learn to build a TO-Do list application by calling APIs to get JSON data. Finally, you will learn how to deploy your app on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
By the end of this video, you will be well-acquainted with Dart and Flutter and will be able to create your own amazing applications and show them to the World.

The code bundle for this video course is available at https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Dart-2-in-7-Days

Style and Approach

This enticing learning path starts from the very basics and gradually picks up pace as the story unfolds. Each topic is explained with the help of examples that solve a real-world problem and involve hands-on work, thus giving you a deep insight into the world of DART.

  • Build apps with the Flutter framework 
  • Plan, build, and deploy apps to Google Play Store or IOS App Store
  • Learn programming best practices which you can apply to any programming language that you learn in the future
Course Length 3 hours 52 minutes
ISBN 9781789617108
Date Of Publication 30 Dec 2018


Victor Wooding

Victor Wooding is a teacher and developer from Barbados. He has been teaching for ten years and coding for about eight. His first programming job came in 2011 when he was given the task of developing a website for the school that he was attached to. Since then he has developed skills in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch and has learned Java, JavaScript, Swift, Dart, and Kotlin. Currently, he manages his own website—kodechamp.com—and uploads video tutorials to YouTube under his name.