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Customer Success with Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step

Chandru Shankar, Vincent Bellefroid, Nilesh Thakkar

Having invested in Microsoft Dynamics, your enterprise will want to make a success of it, which is where this guide to Sure Step comes in, teaching you how to apply the methodologies to ensure optimum results.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849687027
Paperback380 pages

About This Book

<ul> <li>Understand how Sure Step helps you envision and implement the right Microsoft Dynamics solution for your business needs</li> <li>Learn how to develop a process for solution selling using Sure Step</li> <li>Understand the review and optimization offerings available to further enhance your solution delivery during and after go-live</li> <li>Gain knowledge of the project and change management in Sure Step</li> </ul>

Who This Book Is For

<p>If you are involved in one or more of the roles stated below, then this book is for you:</p> <ul> <li>If you are a Project Manager, Engagement Manager, Solution Architect, or Consultant involved in delivering Microsoft Dynamics solutions, this book will teach you how you can improve the quality of your implementation with a consistent, repeatable process.</li> <li>If you are a Customer Project Manager, Subject Matter Expert, Key User, or End User involved in selecting the right business solution for your organization and delivering the Microsoft Dynamics solution, this book will help you determine how the method facilitates the delivery of a solution that is aligned to your vision.</li> <li>If you are a Sales Executive, Services Sales Executive, Technical Sales Specialist, Pre-Sales Consultant, or Engagement Manager involved in the sales of Microsoft Dynamics solutions, this book will help you to understand how you can accelerate your sales cycle and bring it to a close.</li> <li>If you are the Customer Decision Maker, CxO, Buyer, or Project Manager who participates in the selection process for your business solution needs, this book will show you how to determine how this process can help your due diligence exercise and set the stage for a quality implementation of the solution.</li> <li>If you are a Change Management expert, this book will enable you to learn how you can help the customer manage organizational change during the business solution delivery process, and/or help solution providers adopt a process for selling and delivering solutions.</li> </ul>

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Background and Concepts
The business solutions market
Building a solution strategy with pace layering
The two-tier approach, cloud computing, and workloads
The importance of a methodology
The importance of a methodology for solution selection
Introducing Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step
Microsoft Dynamics overview
Understanding what a project is
Implementing the solution
ERP and CRM implementations and statistics
Chapter 2: Solution Selling and Driving Due Diligence
Driving value for the customer and solution provider
What it means to be solution centric
Solution selling concepts
The Microsoft Solution Selling Process
Chapter 3: Solution Envisioning with Sure Step
The Sure Step Diagnostic phase
Diagnostic for a new Dynamics customer
Diagnostic leveraging of the Accelerated POC with the CRM Online service
The Diagnostic phase for a current Dynamics customer
Supporting the customer's buying cycle
Positioning solutions for specific industries
Quick reference
Chapter 4: Managing Projects
About projects and project management
The four pillars of project success
Project management essentials
Adopting project management
Indispensable organizational benefits
Chapter 5: Implementing with Sure Step
Implementation approaches in Sure Step
Waterfall-based implementation project types
Setting up a program for solution rollout
Sure Step waterfall implementation phases
The Analysis phase
The Design phase
The Development phase
The Deployment phase
The Operation phase
The Agile Implementation project type
Chapter 6: Quality Management and Optimization
Understanding the quality management manifestation in Sure Step
Controlling quality within project types
The Sure Step Optimization Offerings
Chapter 7: Upgrading with Sure Step
Decision Accelerator Offerings and the Diagnostic phase
Delivering Upgrade
Chapter 8: Project and Organizational Change Management
The Sure Step Project Management Library
Organizational Change Management
Aligning to other project methodologies
Sure Step's Projects feature
Chapter 9: A Practical Guide to Adopting Sure Step
Don't park your brain outside
Making your Sure Step adoption program
The Key Documents Visio diagram
Some tips from real, conducted Sure Step adoption programs
How to access Sure Step
Preparing for the Sure Step certification exam
Sure Step for ISVs
Chapter 10: Summary and Takeaways
What we now know about Sure Step
Sure Step updates
Key takeaways

What You Will Learn

<ul> <li>Discover how the methodology supports your buy cycle as you progress through your needs assessment, alternatives assessment, and risk assessment stages</li> <li>Examine the different options for solution delivery, and choose from waterfall and agile approaches </li> <li>Acquire insights on how you can proactively optimize the solution during implementation, as well as continue to maintain the health of your solution in production</li> <li>Determine the right approach and tools available to upgrade your solutions to the current product releases</li> <li>Learn how to align Sure Step with other key Microsoft Dynamics R&amp;D tools such as Lifecycle Services</li> </ul>

In Detail

<p>Sure Step is a full lifecycle methodology to help you envision and deliver your Microsoft Dynamics solutions portfolio. Maximize your Microsoft Dynamics investments and increase your efficiency to select, sell, deliver, operate, and support your solution.</p> <p>"Customer Success with Microsft Dynamics Sure Step" explains the architecture and content elements of the Sure Step methodology, enabling you to successfully envision and deliver your Microsoft Dynamics AX, CRM, GP, NAV, and SL solutions. Learn solution selling techniques and implementation lessons to successfully engage with and foster customers for life.</p> <p>This book provides detailed coverage showing you how to use the methodology to successfully deliver Microsoft Dynamics solutions for your business. It explains the architecture and content elements that enable you to successfully envision and deliver your Microsoft Dynamics AX, CRM, GP, NAV, and SL solutions. As a solution provider, you will also learn solution selling techniques, and as a customer, you will learn how the methodology can help you select the right solution.</p> <p>"Customer Success with Microsft Dynamics Sure Step" begins with a focus on envisioning the Microsoft Dynamics solution for the customer. It then describes how to deliver the promised solution in a timely, high-quality manner. Learn how the customer and solution provider work together to select the right solution to meet the organization&rsquo;s needs. Learn how Sure Step helps improve the overall quality of your Microsoft Dynamics solution, including coverage of proactive and post go-live optimization offerings and a thorough explanation of how to upgrade your Dynamics solutions to the latest release of the products. Understand the essence of Dynamics projects and how to successfully deliver these business solutions, in addition to getting to grips with the project and change management disciplines and processes. You will also get guidance on adopting Sure Step if you are looking to develop a consistent set of processes in your organization.</p> <p>If you are an experienced practitioner but new to the Microsoft Dynamics space, or just getting into ERP/CRM solutions, "Customer Success with Microsft Dynamics Sure Step" will arm you with resources to deliver business solutions that meet or exceed the expectations of your customers.</p>


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