Cross-platform UI Development with Xamarin.Forms

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  • Create a responsive UI, modified to suit the target platform
  • Understand the basics of designing an application, and the considerations needed for target platforms
  • Construct a complete app using a single codebase
  • Develop attractive user interfaces
  • Bind information to the code behind to generate a reactive application
  • Design an effective portable class library (PCL)
  • Include a Windows Mobile application within your standard Xamarin.Forms application
  • Extend your applications using the Xamarin.Forms Labs library

Xamarin is an IDE used for the development of native iOS, Android, and Windows, and cross-platform mobile applications in C#. For the mobile developer, that means learning three different languages to create the same application. Even if you use the Xamarin toolchain, you still need to work with three different user interface construction sets. Xamarin is essentially a container in which developers can write any application in C# and use the Xamarin compiler to package and deploy on Android, iOS, or Windows platforms. To top this, Xamarin.Forms plays the role of a single codebase for mobile applications.

This book will show you, with fully-coded examples, how to use both the Xamarin toolchain and the Xamarin.Forms library to code once for the three platforms. It goes from the concept and design of a mobile messenger application to its execution. You will be introduced to Messenger—the messaging app—which includes key features such as push notifications, UI, maps, databases, and web services. Next, you will learn to plan the UI using Xamarin.Forms for cross-mobile platform development, and move on to creating custom buttons, extending the UI, and connecting to social sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

You will also learn about the limitations of PCL libraries and how they make coding easier. This will be followed by the creation of a SQLite database and a database manager, and the SQLite database’s reflection within the database manager. You will then be taken through the use of hardware features with ample coverage of iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. Finally, the book will conclude by introducing common strategies that allow you to create applications that “just work” without having to reinvent the wheel each time.

  • Create standard user interfaces on Windows Mobile, Android, and iOS and then make those interfaces look good with ease
  • Design a full-blown application in very little time with just about the entire code being shared
  • Learn how to access platform-specific features and still have the same core code with this handy guide
Page Count 330
Course Length 9 hours 54 minutes
ISBN 9781784391195
Date Of Publication 25 Aug 2015


Paul F. Johnson

Many years ago, from the fountains of Mount Olympus came forth upon the planet a man, a mystery, and an enigma. Over many years, he grew; he developed amazing biceps, an intellect to rival the greatest minds in the universe, a personality larger than a fair-sized moon, and a smile that would melt the hearts of the iciest of witches. He fought in wars, raged battles against injustice, and was generally an all-round amazing type of guy.

This is not his story.

You see, while he could do all of this really cool stuff, he couldn't work his mobile, and worse, he was clueless about how to make his own apps. Then stepped forth a nice chap from Liverpool, and with a bit of patience, he showed him how to do it.

This is his story.

What made this Scouser worthy of helping the man from Olympus? The simple answer is experience. You see, he was there at the outset of the home computer boom of the early 1980s. He developed code in BASIC, Z80, the 6502 and ARM assembler, C, C++, C#, Pascal, and FORTRAN. He has won awards for programming and is a published author with Packt Publishing.

Add these together and you can see why he was a worthy teacher. That, and he makes a killer cup of coffee!

Paul (for that is his name) is 44, lives with his wife, dog, cats, and son and drinks way too much coffee! You can normally find Paul on the Facebook Xamarin Developers group, where he is an admin. He is currently in the planning stage for a follow up of this book, but this time, he is concentrating on using XAML instead of pure C# to develop Xamarin.Forms applications. This will combine his lifetime love of Dr. Who with his other love that is to create fun code.

He is currently in the middle of buying enough coffee to fuel him through it - Brazil is on high alert!