Cross-Platform Application Development with OpenCV 4 and Qt 5 [Video]

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  • Build cross-platform applications with Qt.
  • Create UIs using Qt and integrate OpenCV with Qt.
  • Use OpenCV to filter and process images and detect colors and objects.
  • Develop desktop and Android applications with Qt Quick.
  • Call Android native method with Qt and C++.
  • Debug and unit-test your C++ and QML code.

OpenCV is the most popular library for building computer vision applications. Qt is a C++ IDE used to create GUI applications with ease. The main benefit of using Qt is that we can integrate OpenCV GUIs of GUIs created with Qt. Follow along with instructor Antonio Ortiz to build cross-platform applications using Qt.
In this course, you will learn to combine the power of OpenCV and Qt. First, you will start by grabbing some images and videos to show them in QML. Antonio also shows you how to calibrate an array of two stereo cameras. You will learn to deploy your application on both Linux and Android platforms.
By the end of this course, you will have become better at developing OpenCV applications, especially with Qt.

All codes and supporting files are placed on GitHub at this link:

Style and Approach

This course uses a hands-on approach to teach you the skills required to apply Computer Vision techniques to building good-looking, cross-platform apps

  • Create a GUI that works for both desktop and mobile applications.
  • Develop a cross-platform application using OpenCV's main features.
  • Configure your development environment to create Android Applications using Qt.
Course Length 8 hours 31 minutes
ISBN 9781788479080
Date Of Publication 28 Feb 2019


Antonio Ortiz Lira

Antonio Ortiz Lira is a Venezuelan Software Developer and Researcher. He obtained his Engineering Degree in 2010 in the Santa Maria University in Caracas and since then he has worked in Linux operating system development, Computer Vision, robotics, and mobile application programming. He's now the president and lead researcher at Disinglab.