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Creating Mobile Apps with Sencha Touch 2

John Earl Clark, Bryan P. Johnson

If you have basic to intermediate knowledge of Sencha Touch, this tutorial will give you a deep insight into its full capabilities when creating mobile apps. Learn the language through building ten unique applications.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849518901
Paperback348 pages

About This Book

  • Learn the Sencha Touch programming language by building real, working applications
  • Each chapter focuses on different features and programming approaches; you can decide which is right for you
  • Full of well-explained example code and rich with screenshots

Who This Book Is For

This book is aimed at people who have a basic to intermediate understanding of Sencha Touch. If you understand the basic concepts, but you need to see how it all fits together, then this book is for you.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: A Simple Task List
A brief overview of Sencha Architect
Getting started with the task list
Pay attention to the man behind the curtain
Architect versus coding by hand
Creating the views
Creating the forms
Extra credit
Chapter 2: A Feed Reader
The basic application
Adding the controller
Getting the data from a remote source
The details dataview
Chapter 3: Going Command Line
The basic application
Using native APIs with Ext.device
Testing and running native applications
Meanwhile back in the code
Compiling the application
Building native Android applications
Chapter 4: Weight Weight
Sencha Charts overview
The basic application
Defining the models and stores
Chapter 5: On Deck: Using
The basic application
Getting started with
Updating the application for
Deploying the application
Chapter 6: Catalog Application and API
What is an API?
Building the basic application
The API and the database
Chapter 7: The Decider: External APIs
Using an external API
The basic application
Integrating with Google Maps and Foursquare
Finishing the main view controller
Chapter 8: Evolver: Using Profiles
An overview of profiles
Creating the Evolver application
Conditional styling
Chapter 9: Workbook: Using the Camera
Designing the basic application
Creating the models and stores
The views
Creating the controller
Getting started with images
Chapter 10: Game On
Building the basic board
Creating the game controller
The game board logic
Going beyond the finished game

What You Will Learn

  • Use Sencha Architect and Sencha Command to give you a head start with your projects
  • Take advantage of cameras, notifications, and other native device features
  • Create charts that will add visual appeal to your applications
  • Tie your applications into other systems like WordPress, RSS feeds, Yelp and others
  • Compile an application you can sell on the iTunes app store

In Detail

Everyone has had the perfect idea for a mobile application. Creating Mobile Apps with Sencha Touch 2 can help you bring that idea to life by providing clear examples, in depth explanations, and walking step-by-step building 10 different Sencha Touch mobile applications. You can use these applications as a base for your own applications or leverage your new skills to create something truly unique.

"Creating Mobile Apps with Sencha Touch 2" offers you 10 different applications complete with source code. The applications include a task manager, RSS feed reader, time tracker, charting application, flash cards, cataloguing, social networking, integration with WordPress, a project workbook, and a basic game. The book also covers working with the Sencha Architect,, and compiling applications with Sencha Command.

Learn the Sencha Touch mobile programming language by building 10 different applications. Each application focuses on a different feature of the Sencha Touch language.

Learn to build a range of applications for mobile devices. Take pictures with your application, create a simple game, or even create an application you can sell on the iTunes app store.

"Creating Mobile Apps with Sencha Touch 2" will help you learn by building, helping you create great applications.


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