Building Applications with Mean Stack [Video]

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  • Learn how to use GIT and Node.js.
  • Create a MongoDB Schema and use it.
  • Make a backend system that interoperates with MongoDB and the AngularJS UI.
  • Create REST APIs with Express.js for the backend system to communicate with the frontend system.
  • Build a responsive frontend system for the UI that communicates with the backend through Express.js
  • Design Socket.IO for asynchronous communication between the frontend and backend server
  • Deploy and maintain applications successfully on the Google Cloud platform.

The course helps you become a full-stack JavaScript developer. It develops your skills further by teaching you how to make all MEAN components work together. The topics covered in the course are those almost all web applications need, such as data manipulation, searching, sorting, and pagination. Also, important aspects such as user authentication and authorization are described thoroughly with appropriate examples. Finally, you'll learn how to deploy apps to the cloud and make them available to the public.

Style and Approach

We will be learning how to manage deep/complex data with MongoDB and then Backend system development with Node-Js and its APIs in express-Js. We will link it to the front end responsive system UI with Angular-JS and finally the asynchronous combination between the server and the client by the use of Node-Js.

  • Achieve asynchronous communication between server and client via Node.js
  • Achieve backend system development with Node.js and its APIs in Express.js
  • Achieve a frontend responsive system UI with AngularJS
Course Length 3 hours
ISBN 9781786469021
Date Of Publication 30 Mar 2017


Chrispinus Onyancha

Chrispinus Onyancha is a hard-working young entrepreneur, working to impart the latest technology to his community where technology is almost mythical. He learns new things every single day and puts them into practice to finally create marvelous products that solve his community's problems.

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