Create React App 2 Quick Start Guide

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  • Become familiar with React by building applications with Create React App
  • Make your frontend development hassle free
  • Create interactive UIs exploring the latest features of CRA 2
  • Build modern, React projects with, SASS,and progressive web applications
  • Develop proxy backend servers and simulate interaction with a full backend
  • Keep your application fully tested and maintain confidence in your project

If you're a power user and you aren’t happy always reusing default configurations, from previous applications with each new application, then all you need is Create React App (CRA), a tool in the React ecosystem designed to help you create boilerplate code for building a web frontend.

This book will help you use CRA to write React programs without significant configuration-related difficulties. With this quick start guide, you will integrate your applications with React to build effi cient professional web services. You will learn to design UIs with the features of CRA and template your React applications.

By the end of the book, you will be sufficiently skilled to be able to build faster and effective React apps using CRA.

  • Learn React by building applications with Create React App
  • Create interactive UIs exploring the latest feature of CRA 2.0
  • Build Progressive Web Applications for a more seamless web
Page Count 188
Course Length 5 hours 38 minutes
ISBN 9781789952766
Date Of Publication 27 Feb 2019


Brandon Richey

Brandon Richey is software engineer and React enthusiast who has written a large number of popular React tutorials. He has been making professional and hobby programming projects spanning healthcare, personal sites, recruiting, and game development for nearly 20 years! When not programming, Brandon enjoys spending time with his family, playing (and making) video games, and working on his drawings and paintings.