Consuming Python APIs with React [Video]

More Information
  • Build Python APIs with React
  • Setup Modern Tooling with Node.js and React
  • Learn about React components, state and properties
  • Obtain data from user input and third party APIs
  • Test your React application
  • Employ components for building User Interfaces that interface with your Django REST server
  • Learn how to consume CRUD and custom REST operations from your React app to your Django REST server
  • Learn how to consume CRUD and custom REST operations from your React app to your Django REST server

One of the best things about Python is that it fits well into any web developer's skill set. With the help of Django, Python's high-end web framework, you can rapidly develop your own websites and build web APIs that are clean and easy to maintain and re-write, all while allowing you to integrate your Python code with powerful JavaScript frameworks such as React.js.

You will start by quickly setting up your JavaScript tools and Node.js, as well as React.js for a Bookmarking Application project. After that, you will put together your basic frontend code for interacting with your Django backend. You will learn to build and use React components for your application's UI, and work with your React code's data and state to determine how your application behaves. You'll also explore routing and event handling for your application. From there, you will delve into backend interaction details, such as authentication for login. You will learn to consume your Django resources and also create, update, and delete item data.

You'll also learn specific tasks such as managing your bookmarks and counting and collecting likes and comments on your bookmarks. By the end of this course, you will have successfully integrated your Python web application's backend with a React.js frontend.

The code bundle for this video course is available at -

Style and Approach

This course provides in-depth content balanced with tutorials that put the theory into practice, and focuses on giving you both the understanding and the practical examples that will bring your Python full-stack web development experience full circle, by integrating your Django backend with a React frontend

  • Crisp and clear videos that dive right in and teach you how to build your own Python web application!
  • Become a full-stack Python web developer and learn how to integrate your frontend and backend
  • Develop powerful web applications quickly using the best coding practices
Course Length 2 hours 21 minutes
ISBN 9781788396073
Date Of Publication 30 Nov 2018


Wayne Merry

CPA Work Experience

  • Financial Controller HOPE worldwide Australia (Development and benevolence charity) 2013-2017 and consultant to HOPE worldwide Papua New Guinea
  • Investment manager Mimas Lapetus Trust 2005-2012
  • General Manager Merry's Specialties 2003-2004
  • Trading Systems project lead Bourse Data 1998-2003
  • Industrial Systems manager United Weighing Australia 1995-1998


  • BA App Sci (Computer Technology) 1991-1994
  • Masters of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Hnrs) 2004-2008
  • Masters of Professional Accounting and Masters of International Finance (2010-2012)


  • Bush Search and Rescue 2009 (developed GPS field training software using Django—first used 2011, and still in use)
  • Third-world charity program implementation, reporting, and management
  • Christianity
  • He works too hard to listen to much music, but he loves listening to techno while programming in Django!