Conquering Git: Advanced Training Guide [Video]

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  • Learn collaborative development features of Git.
  • Use Gitk and visually manage your repositories.
  • Explore branching and merging and resolve merge conflicts.
  • Resolve Rebasing conflicts.
  • Save work in progress with multiple stashing and in branches.
  • Mark important milestones with tagging—annotated tags and comparing tags.
  • Perform data recovery and troubleshooting with Git Administration.
  • Learn the best practices for using Git.

Controlling your projects (small or large) is easier now, owing to the advanced functionalities that Git supplies. It performs fast, is easy to manage, and makes Source Control Management uncomplicated and effortless for you. It will help you implement that perfect workflow you have been looking for.

This course is designed to be a comprehensive approach to Git, which means no prior knowledge or experience is required but students will emerge at the end with a very solid understanding and hands-on experience with Git and related source control concepts. We'll then walk through all the foundational commands needed to start a new project managed by Git, right through to making commits and including common file operations such as moving and deleting files. With a strong foundation in place, we explore ways to make comparisons in Git, including all the different local states, between commits, and between local and remote repositories. After gaining a strong foundation in branching and merging, we will then cover more complex topics such as rebasing, where we cover how to resolve a rebase conflict.

Next, you'll delve into more intriguing features of Git such as rebase, stash, aliases, and patches. You will explore several examples of these commands to improve your efficiency in using Git. Finally, when you have mastered the various tools provided by Git, you'll be provided with some suggestions to help you to move forward with Git.

By the end of the course, you'll have a solid understanding of Git and version control so you can use them in your own projects; perhaps you will be the one providing answers to others in trouble!

Style and Approach

With a focus on hands-on exercises, this video course walks through numerous commands, options, and operations with Git and helps you feel more confident and comfortable with creating your own projects.

  • Delve into the advanced features of Git to enhance your mastery of it.
  • Explore branching, merging, rebasing, tagging, and also how to resolve conflicts and resolutions while using them in your projects.
  • Get acquainted with best practices in Git along with managing, recovering, and handling your data and troubleshooting
Course Length 3 hours 54 minutes
ISBN 9781788833042
Date Of Publication 31 Jan 2018


Ignazio Calò

Ignazio Calo is a Software Developer with long experience developing both on the backend side and mobile side. He likes to work in an agile environment with visibility on the entire software life cycle. He tries always to do his best to share knowledge across the team he works with. He is a Senior iOS Developer with eBay, and has worked on eBay Kleinanzeigen (the German version of eBay App), ZipJet app, Foodoora (food delivery iOS App), and Lyke (shopping app to discover and shop for the latest trends and styles), and more.

He has worked for customers such as Ferrero or Pirelli creating an application for integrating their SAP backend system into custom applications.

He has been using Git extensively to handle his everyday projects with Git.

Here is his LinkedIn Profile:

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