Compiere 3

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  • Explore the critical factors that you must use to evaluate an ERP system
  • Manage and monitor your Compiere instance
  • Deal with all the aspects of sales process management relating to master data management, order fulfillment, invoicing, and shipments
  • Learn about material management in Compiere including Warehousing, adjusting product quantities, and moving inventory
  • Create procurement documents including order requisitions, purchase orders, material receipts, vendor invoices, and vendor payments
  • Effectively handle post-production activities and documents such as quotations, bank statements, sales orders, shipments, and invoicing
  • Explore advanced aspects including User and security setup, application dictionary and workflow processes.
  • Plan your project implementation and beyond.

Compiere is a world leading open source commercially supported ERP system. Very large companies have already chosen Compiere over traditional systems. By its nature ERP is a complex subject and while you may be familiar with ERP this book will introduce you to the concepts of Compiere. Here you will learn the Compiere essentials quickly and concisely.

The aim of this book is to get you up and running with Compiere through a practical hands on approach. This book will also give you an overview of the main Compiere business process aspects. This book will help you get comfortable with using and exploring the Compiere system as you prepare for a roll out in your organization.

Maturing from an open source project to a leading edge competitor in the ERP space, Compiere offers what other traditional big name systems lack. Offering its best of class functionality on a model driven architecture,  the latest enterprise platform independent web technologies (GWT, Java, JBoss, Oracle, Postgress), while maintaining openness, value, flexibility, scalability and most of all an integrated ERP platform that can be extended upon with ease.

In this book we will introduce you to understanding Compiere functionality exploring the different essential business processes. We will cover the setup, the business processes of sales, purchasing, inventory, financial management as well as advanced aspects like workflow, project planning and migration.

Every chapter is illustrated by example so as to facilitate quick and practical reading. This is not a Java programming manual and the book’s aim is to take your basic knowledge of the ERP environment and ensure a proper practical understanding of the critical functional aspects during the Compiere implementation process.

  • Successfully implement Compiere, the leading open source ERP business solution, to manage and coordinate all the resources, information, and functions of a business
  • Efficiently manage business documents such as purchase/sales orders, material receipts/shipments, and invoices
  • A quick way to evaluate the Compiere software against your needs, or to get a prototype implementation to test with users or management
  • Written in a clear and concise manner, this book follows a business model case-study example enabling you to learn about Compiere fundamentals and best practices along the way
Page Count 224
Course Length 6 hours 43 minutes
ISBN 9781849510844
Date Of Publication 29 Jun 2010


Andries L Pretorius

Andries L Pretorius, CA(SA) ACMA(UK), an accountant by training who understands programming, is founder of Astidian Systems a leading Compiere and professional open source applications development and consulting house, which is a pioneer in deploying Compiere within its market for more than the last seven years.

He has led many Compiere implementations as well as SAP R/3 and Great Plains (now MS Dynamics) implementations both from a consulting and business owner perspective. He has been the lead architect in many custom Compiere enhancements and has over 15 years of experience in ERP and CRM applications.

His experience includes CFO and COO of leading South African retail, wholesale, and distribution enterprises, financial manager at a telecoms provider in Singapore as well as being articled at Deloitte Johannesburg and New York offices.

You can reach him on his blog on

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