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  • Use the Bash shell to run commands
  • Utilize basic Unix utilities such as cat, tr, sort, and uniq
  • Explore shell wildcards to manage groups of files
  • Apply useful keyboard shortcuts in shell
  • Employ redirection and pipes to process data
  • Write both basic and advanced shell scripts to automate tasks

The most basic interface to a computer—the command line—remains the most flexible and powerful way of processing data and performing and automating various day-to-day tasks.

Command Line Fundamentals begins by exploring the basics, and then focuses on the most common tool, the Bash shell (which is standard on all Linux and iOS systems). As you make your way through the book, you'll explore the traditional Unix command-line programs as implemented by the GNU project. You'll also learn to use redirection and pipelines to assemble these programs to solve complex problems.

By the end of this book, you'll have explored the basics of shell scripting, allowing you to easily and quickly automate tasks.

  • Learn why the Bash shell is widely used on Linux and iOS
  • Explore advanced shell concepts, such as pipes and redirection
  • Understand how to use Unix command-line tools as building blocks for different tasks
Page Count 314
Course Length 9 hours 25 minutes
ISBN 9781789807769
Date Of Publication 24 Dec 2018


Vivek N

Vivek N is a self-taught programmer who has been programming for almost 30 years now, since the age of 8, with experience in X86 Assembler, C, Delphi, Python, JavaScript, and C++. He has been working with the command line since the days of DOS 4.01 and is keen to introduce the new generation of computer users to the power it holds to make their life easier.