Code-First Development with Entity Framework

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  • Understand what ORM tools are and what problems they solve
  • Set up a .NET application to use Entity Framework
  • Write Entity Framework code that creates, updates, and deletes application data in a database
  • Learn how to query the data using LINQ and gain insight into how LINQ fits into Entity Framework
  • Create a database structure using the Entity Framework configuration API
  • Evolve the database structure using migrations
  • Write asynchronous code and handle concurrency
  • Work with stored procedures and functions using Entity Framework

Entity Framework Code-First enables developers to read and write data in a relational database system using C# or VB.NET. It is Microsoft's answer to demand for an ORM from .NET developers.

This book will help you acquire the necessary skills to program your applications using Entity Framework. You will start with database configuration and learn how to write classes that define the database structure. You will see how LINQ can be used with Entity Framework to give you access to stored data. You will then learn how to use Entity Framework to persist information in a Relational Database Management System. You will also see how you can benefit from writing ORM-based .NET code. Finally, you will learn how Entity Framework can help you to solve database deployment problems using migrations.

  • Learn how to create, retrieve, update, and delete the data in a relational database using .NET
  • Choose from an array of examples in C# and VB.NET that showcase the key concepts of Entity Framework
  • This is a fast-paced, practical guide based on the code-first approach for the Entity object-relational mapper
Page Count 174
Course Length 5 hours 13 minutes
ISBN 9781784396275
Date Of Publication 20 Mar 2015


Sergey Barskiy

Sergey Barskiy is an architect with Tyler Technologies. He lives in Atlanta, GA. He has been developing software for almost 20 years. Sergey is a Microsoft MVP. He holds these Microsoft certifications: MCPD, MCTS, MCSD for .NET, MCAD for .NET, MCDBA, and MCP. He has been working with Microsoft Technologies for over 15 years. He is a frequent speaker at various regional and national conferences, such as VS Live, DevLink, CodeStock, and Atlanta Code Camp, as well as local user groups. He is one of the organizers of Atlanta Code Camp. He authored articles for Code Magazine.

Sergey Barskiy has been using Entity Framework since it was first released to the public. He has deployed a number of projects to production that used Entity Framework over the years. He has used the Code-First approach on a few different projects as well. Sergey has produced an online video training course for this technology. He has spoken on Entity Framework Code-First at a number of national and regional conferences and events.

You can tweet to him at @SergeyBarskiy or e-mail him at