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  • Design and build cloud-native applications using Java EE 8
  • Deploy and run Java EE 8 microservices using Docker and Kubernetes
  • Build robust and easily consumable REST APIs with JAX-RS and MicroProfile OpenApi
  • Build resilient service clients using circuit breakers, bulkheads, timeouts and retries
  • Develop loosely coupled, message-driven microservices with JMS and JSON-P
  • Implement configurability with Kubernetes ConfigMaps and Secrets using MicroProfile Config
  • Add and implement service monitoring with Metrics and MicroProfile Health
  • Implement service call tracing with MicroProfile OpenTracing 
  • Secure your microservices with BASIC Auth and JSON Web Tokens

In a world of modern business models and digital products, the use of monolithic applications run classical infrastructure is just not feasible anymore. Many organizations have already begun resorting to the elasticity of the cloud as it offers them greater agility, availability, resilience, and portability. This video course is a one-stop solution for developers and architects, teaching them to understand the challenges faced in building cloud-native applications, using Java EE 8 and some additional well know open-source components and APIs. In combination, these APIs enable you to easily build hyperscale, elastic, loosely coupled, reliable, observable and secure microservices. Throughout this course, we address the different challenges you need to master to build truly cloud-native applications with Java EE. By the end of this course, you will be equipped with enough knowledge and practical experience to get your next cloud-native Java EE microservices up-and-running in no time, and with ease.
All the code and supporting files for this course are available on GitHub at

Style and Approach

This course is packed with step-by-step instructions and realistic examples that are directly applicable in practice. The different sections of this course focus on the important topics and challenges of cloud-native application development such as communication, resiliency, state handling, and observability, and how these can be addressed using the latest Java EE 8 APIs.

  • Building hyperscale, elastic, loosely coupled, reliable, observable and secure cloud-native microservices that are production ready
  • Focus on the important topics and challenges of cloud-native application development
  • Practical experience with the latest Java EE APIs and cloud-native technology available
Course Length 2 hours 42 minutes
ISBN 9781789534764
Date Of Publication 20 Nov 2018


Mario-Leander Reimer

Mario-Leander Reimer is a chief technologist for QAware GmbH. He is a senior Java developer and architect with several years' experience in designing complex and large-scale distributed system architectures. He is continuously looking for innovations and ways to combine and apply state-of-the-art technology and open-source software components in real-world customer projects. He studied computer science at Rosenheim and Staffordshire University and he also teaches cloud computing as a part-time lecturer.