Cinder Creative Coding Cookbook

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  • Process and analyze images and draw graphics in 2D or 3D
  • Create applications that use multimedia content including video, images, audio, and text
  • Draw and render particles to create powerful simulations
  • Animate using tweens, timeline, paths, and cameras
  • Create interesting animations with particle systems and physics
  • Interact with the user by tracking and sensing from the camera in real-time
  • Generate audio and create sound visualizations

Cinder is one of the most exciting frameworks available for creative coding. It is developed in C++ for increased performance and allows for the fast creation of visually complex, interactive applications.

"Cinder Creative Coding Cookbook" will show you how to develop interactive and visually dynamic applications using simple-to-follow recipes.

You will learn how to use multimedia content, draw generative graphics in 2D and 3D, and animate them in compelling ways.

Beginning with creating simple projects with Cinder, you will use multimedia, create animations, and interact with the user.

From animation with particles to using video, audio, and images, the reader will gain a broad knowledge of creating applications using Cinder.

With recipes that include drawing in 3D, image processing, and sensing and tracking in real-time from camera input, the book will teach you how to develop interesting applications.

"Cinder Creative Coding Cookbook" will give you the necessary knowledge to start creating projects with Cinder that use animations and advanced visuals.

  • Learn powerful techniques for building creative applications using motion sensing and tracking
  • Create applications using multimedia content including video, audio, images, and text
  • Draw and animate in 2D and 3D using fast performance techniques
Page Count 352
Course Length 10 hours 33 minutes
ISBN 9781849518703
Date Of Publication 22 May 2013


Rui Madeira

Rui Madeira is a computational designer, educator, and founder of the interaction design studio Estudio Ruim. He has been exploring and creating unique and engaging interactive experiences for cultural, artistic, and commercial purposes. His works are born from the intersection of several disciplines including illustration, animation, and interaction design. By using programming languages as the main building blocks for his works, he builds specific and adaptive systems that break apart from the limitations of traditional tools. He has participated in several projects, both collaborative and solo, including interactive performances and concerts, generative visuals for print and motion graphics, mobile applications, interactive installations, and video mapping. He has collaborated for several institutions including the London College of Fashion, Belém Cultural Center, Pavillion of Knowledge, Portuguese Foundation of Communications, Moda Lisboa, National Ballet of Portugal, and the Monstra Animation Festival

Dawid Gorny

Dawid Gorny is a creative coder and a creative technologist who is into computational design, art, and interaction design. He has worked as a professional web and Flash developer for several years, then took the lead of the research and development department at a digital production house. He has worked on concepts and technical solutions for a wide variety of interdisciplinary projects involving mobile development, cameras, sensors, custom electronic circuits, motors, augmented reality, and projection mapping. His installations engage people in malls, airports, exhibition spaces, and other public venues. He is the founder, organizer, and program director of the art+bits festival in Katowice—the encounter of art and technology. You can find a more about his projects and experiments at